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Sometimes students who have graduated, are returning for more undergraduate or graduate course work, or have not attended the university for a year are missing the necessary account to access all parts of My Missouri State. My Missouri State can be accessed with your Login Account, but it is different than your Windows Account. The first thing to try is to change your password to make sure that is not the problem. The main parts of My Missouri State that need to be accessed with your SGF Windows account are Enrollment Agreements and Course Registration. If you cannot access these areas, you simply need to request your Windows Account-Springfield or SGF account by following the steps below.

Some Alumni returning to Missouri State University have created and used BearPass Logins in the past, but stopped attending Missouri State University for a period of time. This page will assist in getting alumni access to their accounts again. As a general rule, anyone who attended after Fall 2008 should already have a BearPass Login.

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you forgot your BearPass Login, visit the How to Recover Your BearPass Login guide or contact the Help Desk at 417-836-5891.

    You may still remember your BearPass Login, but do not recognize it as being called your BearPass Login. A BearPass Login will be 2-3 letters followed by 1-5 numbers. Example: abc123. It was formerly called your private ID.
  2. Since your password has probably expired, you will need to change it. Visit How to Change Your Password for a step-by-step guide.
  3. Go to CAMS (
  4. Underneath Self-Service Options, click Get Resources.

  5. Enter your BearPass Login and new password to sign in.

  6. On your Get Resources page, click Request Resources
  7. Request the Windows account. You will then be given a temporary password. Write down this password exactly as it is written. It is case sensitive.
  8. Change your password using the How to Change Your Password guide. Make sure to select Use my current password and enter the temporary password you just received.

If your password was changed correctly, your account should now be active. Go to, click on the Academics tab, and attempt to go into the Add or Drop Classes menu on the right. If you are able to access this menu, then your account is working properly. If not, please contact Computer Services Help Desk.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk