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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To begin a new recording, select the Record icon in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder panel.

  2. Select the Slideshow + Audio option to record your screen as individual slides and audio from a camera or microphone, then click Next.

  3. On the Setup Hardware page select the microphone input to identify the audio recording device. Use the Audio Meter to verify the audio levels are appropriate for a high-quality recording. You may need to adjust your computer's microphone and audio setting through their respective System Preferences. Once you have completed your adjustments for an appropriate recording level, one with the peak levels NOT exceeding the yellow bars, but within the green bar range on average, you are ready to proceed. Your recording level should never peak within the red bars of the Audio Meter. Select Next to move to the Prepare Screen page.
    1. Select the Open Sound Control button to adjust the microphone level and other options related to sound input devices on your computer system. Selecting the Open Sound Control Panel will auto-launch your computer systems audio preferences, allowing you to make additional adjustments with your recording devices.

  4. Organize the windows on your desktop for recording. Select Next to proceed to the Capture Area page.

  5. On the Capture Area page select the capture area using one of the following methods listed.

    Verify your selected region is a minimum rectangle of 320 x 240 pixels (width x height). The area of the selected region will be displayed near its lower-right corner and red corners will display the boundaries of your selected screen area.


  6. Verify your settings on the Summary page, and when you're ready to begin recording click Record.
    1. The Recording Control Panel with provide you with a camera preview window when used and an active Audio Meter before and during your recording session. 

      If the Recording Control Panel is in the designated capture area during your recording session, it will appear in the final recording. To avoid this, if you are recording the entire desktop, make sure to hide the Recording Control Panel or simply move the Recording Control Panel out of the capture region's boundaries.



  7. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder will initialize and begin a five (5) second countdown before the actual recording begins. Click Stop at any time during the countdown to return to the Summary page. The selected capture region is highlighted with red corner indicators and the Recording Control Panel is displayed as the countdown begins and throughout the recording process.

  8. You have additional options to Pause the recording at any time. Select the key combination CTRL+F8. The recording will pause and a page will appear with additional options (discard recording, resume recording, or finish recording). When you pause your recording, a page will appear with additional options to Discard Recording, Resume Recording, or Finish Recording.

  9. Select Finish to stop recording and proceed with your upload options. Once the recording is finished, it can be uploaded to the Mediasite server.

  10. When your screencast presentation is uploading, a blue status bar monitors the progress. Your presentation upload options are listed below:
    1. Automatic upload: If you launched Mediasite Desktop Recorder from the My Mediasite server, the recording is automatically uploaded to the target presentation (the presentation you started and created with the recording process) on Mediasite. As indicated, once processing is complete, the status of the presentation is updated.
    2. Upload to new presentation: If you launched the MDR from the desktop and are connected to Mediasite, select Upload to New to upload the recording to a new presentation. Mediasite will create a new presentation and the recording will be automatically uploaded to it.
    3. Upload offline recording: If you made an offline recording, once you are connected to Mediasite, go to the Recording Management page and select Upload next to the recording you wish to upload.

  11. When uploading is complete, the MDR displays an "Upload Complete" message in the lower left-hand corner. Select Open Presentation to view the presentation in the Mediasite Silverlight player. On the Recording Complete page, in addition to uploading to a new presentation you can also select Open Mediasite to launch My Mediasite in your browser.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk