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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.


  1. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) provides a variety of options to start recording your presentation from different areas of the MDR application. This section provides an overview and basic walk through of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and the various panel you can access recording your presentation. Scroll down for in-depth directions to starting a new recording.

  2. Once you’ve verified your computer settings on the Summary Page, enter the title of your presentation in the Presentation Name field. Follow the prompts to navigate through the wizard to set up your presentation and record your presentation.

    Verify your “Presenter” profile is selected. If someone other than you is listed, edit the presenter entry.
  3. Once you verified your settings on the summary page, you are ready to proceed in launching the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR). The MDR may be launched on your recording computer either by going to Programs (Windows) or Applications (Mac) and selecting to open the MDR software. The MDR software will open with a separate Welcome to Mediasite Desktop Recorder panel.

  4. You can start the recording process by doing any one (1) of the following:

    1. Select Record/Record Now on the Home page.

    2. Select Record in the "Home" navigation menu, which is available in the upper-left corner of all pages. The name of this menu will reflect your current location in the application. For instance, it will say "Manage" while you're in the Recording Management view.

    3. Select Record next to a recording on the Recording Management page.

    4. Select Make New Recording on the Recording Management page.

Recording with the Mediasite Desktop Recorder

  1. Under Select Type enter Your Presentation Name and select the type of recording you want to create. Click Next.

  2. Under Setup Hardware the camera, desktop, and audio components are chosen in this panel depending on the selected recording type. Please ensure your audio levels are at appropriate levels within the green bar display. Click Next.

  3. Organize your windows and/or presentation on your desktop to prepare to record. Click Next.

  4. When determining your capture area please consider following a consistent acquisition size for your video capture and slide image. Typically, for a seated, desktop delivery a 4:3 aspect ratio frames the presenter appropriately without providing an excess of recorded background as might be seen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Follow the on-screen directions, then click Next.

  5. Review your settings and click Record. There will be a 5 second countdown before the recording begins.

  6. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder will launch a Recording Control Panel allowing you to Discard, Pause, or Finish your recording.  This Control Panel will display the video portion of the recording and provides a simple LED scale of the audio level when recording, recording time length, and session status.

    If the Recording Control Panel is positioned within the capture area during your recording session, it will appear in the final recording. To avoid this, if you are recording the entire desktop, make sure to hide the Recording Control Panel or move it to a monitor not used within your desktop capture area. If you are just recording a certain region of the desktop, simply move the Recording Control Panel out of the capture region's boundaries.

  7. To pause the recording, simply select the Pause button or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-F8. The recording will pause and a dialogue page will display options to discard recording, resume recording, or finish recording. The keyboard shortcut CTRL-F8 is the recommended method to pause your recording.

  8. Selecting Discard will abandon your recording and a confirmation prompt will appear before the recording is discarded.

  9. Select Finish to stop recording your presentation. Once your presentation is finished, it can be uploaded to the Mediasite server.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk