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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

Within the Mediasite Web Editor timeline, the screen captures of your presentation are collected as individual JPEG still images. Since these JPEG slide images are added to the timeline as they're captured, you can move, add, or remove them, if needed. When the Mediasite Desktop Recorder is recording, it senses the screen changes during your presentation and initiates the capture of your slides synchronized with your video and audio components. There may be situations when editing your presentation that you'll need to move, remove, or add a slide image to better choreograph the instructional elements differently. To replace or add new slide images to the timeline, your PowerPoint slides must first be Saved As pictures (JPEG). The Save As selection typically prepares a PPT presentation folder with the descending list of slide images in JPEG format. When you select a slide image within the Mediasite Web Editor timeline, the gray menu bar above the presentation timeline and audio waveform displays the available slide editing options: insert, delete, replace, edit, cut, copy, and paste.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To remove a slide image from the timeline you can use the Play Head Indicator and the Timeline Collapse and Expand ribbon  to locate and select the JPEG slide image. Once you've located the slide and selected it, it is highlighted in blue within the timeline. Select Cut Slides or Delete Slides to remove it from the time line. You can select multiple slide images for removal simply by using the shift+mouse_select process to select or drag to select.

    The Slide Counter window will show you the location of the Play Head Indicator. The Play Head Indicator will consequently snap to the nearest slide image in the timeline.

  2. Moving slide image along the timeline is easy. Simply locate the slide image, select it, and drag it to the desired location. This is helpful when editing your presentation timeline and a slide image falls outside of the active timeline.


    Slide images that fall outside of the active timeline will not be included in the presentation. Although slides may appear in the "dark zones" at the beginning and end of the presentation, they are "blacked out" from the Play Head Indicator and will not be visible upon playback.

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