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We have been experiencing problems with Softchalk lessons using ScoreCenter in IE. We have ascertained an issue with Blackboard and IE causing problems with Softchalk lessons using IE. Blackboard has provided a fix for IE which we have testing in our test Blackboard server. While we are now able to complete a test using the ScoreCenter we are now experiencing problems with sending grades to the Blackboard grade book. We have to click the Check Answer button first then the Finish button for the correct grade to be sent to Blackboard grade book. See process below.

  1. In the Blackboard course, go to the ScL test. (This one is labeled DPA Spring 2013 Course.)

  2. The below screen appears with the Score Center Instructions.

  3. If I take the test, checking all the correct answers, and click the Finish button, the grade will be zero even though the answers are all correct.
  4. No matter how many answers are correct, the grade will still record a zero. 

  5. Instead, after taking the test, click the Check Answer button first

  6. You will likely get a message about downloading a gif file. Click Cancel and the message goes away.

  7.  Then click the Finish button, and check the score report. 

  8. If it is right, the correct grade will go to Blackboard Grade book.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk