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This guide is to help set up a wireless connection on a Chrome Book or Chrome device.

Which Network to Use:

MSU: Living Off Campus
MSU Open: Visiting in the PSU, Welcome Center, or Library
MSU ResNet: Living On Campus
MSU Sponsored: Departmental Guest Speaker Access (Must get key from Networking and Telecommunication)


Step-by-step guide

MSU & MSU ResNet Wireless Guide

  1. From the network menu in the upper right-hand corner select MSU (or MSU ResNet if you currently live on campus).
  2. Select PEAP as the EAP method.
  3. Select MSCHAPv2 for the Phase 2 Authentication.
  4. Change the Server CA certificate to Do not check.
  5. Type your BearPass Login in the Identity box and your BearPass Password in the Password box.

  6. Click Connect

Legacy Method

This method is no longer needed due to the GUI menu that has been added to Chrome OS.

  1. Enter the crosh shell by pressing CTRL + ALT + T

  2. Type shell and press enter to open the bash shell

  3. Gain root privileges by typing sudo -s and pressing enter

  4. Type wpa_cli and press enter

  5. Run the following commands to setup the configuration for MSU:


set_network X ssid "MSU"
set_network X scan_ssid 1
set_network X proto WPA
set_network X priority 1
set_network X key_mgmt WPA-EAP
set_network X eap PEAP
set_network X identity "BearPassLogin"
set_network X password "BearPassPassword"
set_network X phase2 "auth=MSCHAPV2"
select_network X

The X corresponds to the number that is returned when you issue the add_network command:


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk