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To connect to wireless using Windows 8, follow the steps below.

Which Network to Use:

MSU: Living Off Campus
MSU Open: Visiting in the PSU, Welcome Center, or Library
MSU ResNet: Living On Campus
MSU Sponsored: Departmental Guest Speaker Access (Must get key from Networking and Telecommunication)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Press (WINDOWS KEY + I) I to bring up the Settings menu. In the lower-left hand area of this menu, there's an icon with antenna bars. In the example below, it's labeled "Available". Click this icon to display the available networks.

  2. Select which network you'd like to connect to by clicking on it.

  3. You'll be given the option to set the network to Connect Automatically. If you'd like to utilize this feature, check the box. Press the Connect button.

  4. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your user name and password. This is your Bearpass Login and Password.

You should now be connected to the internet.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk