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PaperCut, also called Bearprint, is a print management software that helps reduce our print costs, improve our environment impact, and log print history. Bearprint manages any printer that is available to students as well as the MANATEE and WALRUS print servers (as well as CATFISH, but that is exclusively for printer connections to Apple products). In order to print to these printers, you must first install the Bearprint client.

  1. Go to Start then Run to open a Run window. You can also press the WINDOWS KEY + R to open Run. 
  2. Type \\ and click OK

    If a Windows Security window opens up, type your BearPassLogin@sgf and your BearPass Password

  3. In the file explorer window that appears, click PCClient.

  4. Double-click win folder. 
  5. Double-click client-local-install.exe.

  6. If a security warning appears, click Run.

  7. If you are prompted to allow the setup to continue, click Yes. You might also have to enter in your BearPassLogin@sgf and Password again in the same format as step 2. 

  8. The Setup Wizard will open to guide you through the process. Go ahead and click Next

  9. Select the radio button next to I accept the agreement and then click Next.

  10. The next window tells you where it will install the files. Leave this as is and click Next.

  11. The wizard then tells you that it will install for all users. Leave as is and click Next.

  12. The next window is a summary. Click Install.

  13. Wait for the install to complete.
  14. Click Finish.

  15. A BearPrint Verification window should load. Type your BearPass Login and Password. 

  16. A final window with your print balance will load.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk