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Doorbell Compatibility

The Doorbell feature only works in Adobe Connect version 8.0.

One of the challenges faculty face when they offer virtual office hours is having to stare at the Adobe Connect meeting room in anticipation of students entering the virtual meeting room. On Adobe's Connect website, multiple custom meeting pods are offered to enhance the rooms. One of these enhanced meeting pods is the Doorbell Connect pod.  This pod enables meeting participants to ring a bell when they need service or when they have entered a meeting room.

As Host you will need to download the file (doorbell.swf) to your computer before you can install it in your room. Once completed, you can setup the file inside each of your meeting rooms.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter Meeting Room
    1. Log into Adobe Connect Portal. (
    2. Click on the Meeting link to find your meeting room. Click the URL to enter your meeting room.
  2. Add New Share Pod

    1. Once you have entered your meeting room, find the tab labelled Pods and click to open the dropdown box,
    2. Hover over the option called Share. A dropdown box will appear with one of the options being Add New Share.
    3. Click the Add New Share option.
  3. Find Share Document

    1. A new Share pod is now added to your meeting room. Click the option Share My Screen to open the dropdown box.
    2. Choose the Share Document option to find the the document, in this case, the doorbell.swf file.
    3. Share Document window will appear.
  4. Select Doorbell file

    1. Next, click the option Select Document to Share to find the doorbell.swf file.
    2. Click the Browse My Computer... option to find the file on your computer.
    3. Select  "doorbell.swf" file and then click Open to accept the file into the new Share Pod.
    4. Click OK to finish the process.

      Note: You can also drag the doorbell.swf file into the new Share pod.

      Note: You can add a Doorbell share pod to Breakout rooms in Adobe Connect.

  5. Activate Notify on Entry option

    1. The new Share pod will now appear with the Doorbell Connect file (see image).
    2. At the bottom left of the new Doorbell Connect pod is a check box labelled Notify on entry.
    3. Check this box to activate and allow the alert notification when students enter the meeting room.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk