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You can subscribe to receive an email message from Experts showing the top content that is relevant to you. Confluence chooses the content to display based on:

  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently liked.
  • Pages and blog posts that people have recently commented on.
  • Pages and blog posts that have recently been created.

Recent means any activity that occurred since the last recommended updates message was sent to you. If there is no activity to report, Confluence will not send the email message.

Step-by-step guides

Select the notification setting

You can turn the notification on or off by setting the 'Subscribe to recommended updates' option in your user profile.

  1. Click on your picture (in the upper right corner) to access the User Menu, and choose Settings

  2. Click Email

  3. Click Edit at the bottom of the page to change your settings.

  4. Select the Subscribe to recommended updates checkbox, and click Submit.

Disable the notification

  1. Turn off the notification by clicking a link at the bottom of the email message.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk