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  1. This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

     Access My Missouri State, enter your Login ID and Password, then click Log In.

2.  Faculty & Staff:  Click the Profile tab.

     Students:  Click on the Student tab.

3.  Faculty & Staff:  Under Employment Details, select Tax Forms.

     Students:  Under My Employment, select Update Withholding Allow (W-4's)

4.  Under Tax Forms, click on W4 Federal Withholding Allowance.

5.  The W-4 Employee's Withholding Certificate webpage will display your current Federal W-4 withholding tax information.  To view and/or print a current Federal W-4 tax form, click the Print button which will display the representation of the actual Federal W-4 tax form.  Click the Go Back link to return to the Federal W-4 Withholding Tax.

6.  To perform an update to your current tax information, click the Update link at the bottom of the W-4 Federal Withholding Certificate.

7. Click on "Form W-4" to review required information prior to completing a new form W-4.


8.  To update your Federal W-4:

    1. Check the box if your last name differs from that shown on your Social Security Card.  You must contact the Social Security Administration office to obtain an updated Social Security Card.
    2. Effective Date of Change: Enter the date you want the change to take effect.
    3. Deduction Status: Use drop down to select the appropriate status from the list, Active or Exempt (note the statement to claim exemption from withholding).
    4. Filing Status: Select the applicable Filing Status.
    5. NRA Indicator: If you are a nonresident alien, see Notice 1392, Supplemental Form W-4 Instructions for Nonresident Aliens.  You will need to speak with the International Accountant in Payroll to update your W-4.
    6. Step 2C Indicator: If you (and your spouse) have a total of only two jobs, you may instead check the box in option (c). 
    7. Dependents Under 17: Enter number of qualifying children under age 17.
    8. Other Dependents: Enter number of other dependents.
    9. Other Income: See Form W-4 instructions.
    10. Deductions: See Form W-4 instructions.
    11. Additional Withholding: To withhold additional money, enter the additional tax you want withheld each pay period.
    12. Select one of the following buttons, as appropriate:
      1. If the changes are correct, click Certify Changes.
      2. If the changes are incorrect, click Restore Original Values to start over with the original values.

h.  When you click on Certify Changes, the message webpage will display, click on OK.

i.  The W-4 Update Confirmation page is now displayed.  It is recommended you view, print and/or save a copy of your updated Federal W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate for your personal records.

9.  To print your updated Federal W-4 click on Print.


For additional assistance regarding the online electronic Federal W-4 tax form, please contact the Payroll Office at (417)836-6578 or