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Adobe Connect is a tool that some instructors use to create flash presentations for their students to use.

Step-by-step guide

  1. On your course, under the Control Panel in the bottom left of the page, click Content Collection, and then click the name of your course

  2. You'll be taken to a listing of all the files and folder you've uploaded to Blackboard. Click Create Folder. Enter a folder name (like, "Lectures" or "Adobe Connect Presentations") and click Submit.

  3. Click on the newly created folder's name to open it.
  4. Inside the folder, mouse over Upload, and click Upload Zip Package in the menu that drops down.

  5. On the next screen, click Browse My Computer or drag and drop the .zip package into the dotted Attach Files area. 

  6. Browse to where the .ZIP file containing your Adobe Connect presentation is, and click Open. With the File path now filled in, click Submit.

  7. You should see a purple success bar at the top of the page. You'll also see that a folder has been added with the same name as the ZIP file you just uploaded.
  8. Open the content area that you'd like to put the presentation in.
  9. Mouse over Build Content. In the menu that pops out, click File.

  10. In the first section, click Browse Content Collection. A new window will open.

  11. In the new window, you should see your course files. Click the name of the folder that you just created in step 2.
  12. This should take you to the subfolder created in step 7. Click the name.

  13. Next, find either index.htm or slide01.htm in the list, and click the radio button next to it. If both index.htm and slide01.htm are present, choose index.htm. Once the appropriate .htm file is selected, click Submit.

  14. Back on the Create File screen, change the name from "slide01.htm" or "index.htm" to the name you would like your students to see when viewing the presentation (such as "Lecture 1"). 

  15. Choose other options to suit your preferences, as you normally would when creating an Item or File. When done, click Submit. The presentation will now show up in your content area for students to view.

Linking to a Presentation Hosted on the Adobe Connect Server

If your presentation is hosted on the Adobe Connect Server (currently, then you can simply insert a link to it in your course content.

  1. In the content area to which you wish to deploy the link, click Build Content.
  2. Then click URL in the menu that pops out.
  3. Give the presentation a name, then enter its web address into the URL blank.
  4. You can set other options like date restrictions as you normally would when creating Items and Files.
  5. Once done, hit Submit.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk