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Step-by-step guide

Setting Up the Attendance Tool

  1. Select Attendance from the Course Tools section of the Course Management Menu.

  2. Select the Add Attendance button to begin using the Attendance tool. 

  3. Set the grading scheme for Attendance in your course, and click Save when you are done.

    Selecting Add Attendance in Step 2 automatically created a Grade Center column for Attendance. The Grade Schema default is set to 100% for Present students, 50% for Late students, and 0% for Absent students. The default display for the Grade Center column is Points out of 100, but you can change it to Percentage or Letter.

Taking Attendance

  1. Select Attendance from the Course Tools section of the Course Management Menu.

  2.  The current day will display, but you can choose to return to a previous date if needed.

    If you did not open or view the Attendance tool on a specific date, there will be no Attendance record for that day. You can edit the dates to retroactively record attendance.

  3. For each student, select the box under the appropriate attendance option. The attendance is saved and the Grade Center column updates automatically.

Editing Attendance Dates 

  1. If you did not open or view the Attendance tool on a specific date, there will be no Attendance record for that date. You can edit the available dates to record attendance retroactively by selecting the Overall button at the top right of the Attendance page.

  2. Click the box marked Today for editing options.
    1. To add an additional date, select the purple plus sign next to Today.

    2. To change the Today column to a different date, click Today and select Edit meeting from the drop-down menu.

      If you choose to change Today to a different date, the date columns will be out of order on the Overall page. This does not affect the attendance record or students’ attendance grades in the Grade Center.

  3. Record attendance normally.

Getting an Attendance Report

  1. On the Attendance page, select the Overall button to view the entire course attendance record. 
  2. Click the Export button beneath the Overall | Meeting options.

  3. Save the Excel file. 

  4. This Excel file will contain your attendance records. 


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk