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The Content Collection is the area in which you can store documents, attachments, media, etc. on Blackboard for current and future use. Once you add material to the Content Collection, you can add that material to a content area by using the Build Content menu

Step-by-step guide

Accessing Your Course Files

  • In your course, under the Control Panel in the bottom left of the page, click Content Collection, and then click the name of your course

Uploading Files and Packages

From the Course Content page, you can upload single files and packages. Instructions on uploading file and packages are available on How to Upload Files to the Content Collection

 Creating Folders

To better organize your course, you can create folders for files and packages. 

  1. On the Course Content page, click Create Folder.

  2. In the Folder Name box, type a name for your folder, and then click Submit.

  3. You will see the folder added to the Course Files area. You will now need to organize files into the folder.

 To move files into different folders

  1. Select the files from your Course Files area that you want to move to a different folder or a new folder, and then click Move. You will see the Move Content page.

  2. Under Destination, click Browse to locate the folder to which you want to move the files.

  3. Select the appropriate folder, and then click Submit

  4. If needed, you cango back and Create a Folder.
  5. Select if you want to overwrite the file with the same name, and then click Submit.

    If you want to replace an existing file in a folder, like a course syllabus that you have updated, this would be a good item to overwrite. Otherwise, your students may be confused on which syllabus (or other content) they should be viewing.

    The files will be nested with the folder you selected.

Deleting Files and Folders

  1. Select the files from your Course Files area that you want to remove, and then click Delete.

  2. You will see a dialog, click OK if you want to delete the item. If you did not want to delete, click Cancel.

Copying Files and Folders

  1. Select the files from your Course Files area that you want to copy, and then click Copy.

  2. You will have to place the copied file into a folder. Under Destination, click Browse.

  3. From the folders, select the folder you wish to place the copied file into, and then click Submit.

  4. Verify that you have the correct folder, and then click Submit.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk