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InQsit requires user accounts only for people creating surveys or tests.  Participants who are taking a questionnaire, quiz, or test will not need to create an account. 

Creators can set access for users with the following:

  • Anonymous – anyone can access it as many times as they want with no identification.
  • Require a login with a name or code along with a password. (Provided by the creator).
  • Login as a blind study.  (No direct identification).
  • Require a login with the SGF domain user information. (Bearpass ID and password). 

When InQsit will ask for a password: 

There are a few special characters that are not accepted in the programming code for InQsit.  These effectively “break” the authentication path and will fail the login.  The following special characters will “break” the login on InQsit and not allow you to login.

  • None of the following are acceptable:  / + % # quotation marks and a “space”
  • If you have a West Plains account your log in will NOT work if the instructor requires a “Login with the SGF domain user information”.  The student will require their account be changed to a SGF account in order for their login to work. 
    • To transfer your WP account to an SGF account, email or call the Missouri State University Computer Services Help Desk.
    • You may call the Computer Services Help Desk at 417-836-5891.
    • You may email the Computer Services Help Desk at
      • The Computer Services Help Desk may need the student's BearPassLogin and BearPass Number and an alternate email address or phone number.

When a person can’t login to a quiz/test:

If a student cannot log in to an InQsit quiz/questionnaire with their (Bearpass ID and password) because of one of the previous requirement issues they will need to do the following:

  • Have their account changed to a SGF account as listed above.
  • Reset their password on without one of the previously listed special characters in the password. 

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For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk