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Microsoft Sway is a web-based application for designing interactive reports, presentations, digital stories, newsletters and more. This tool is intended to enhance the digital presentation experience with its built-in design format, co-authoring abilities and adaptable screen size for easy viewing on any device. You can share presentations within a group, organization, with a specific person or people, view online, or use the embed code to add to any website or other public space.

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Sway its accessibility, which offers a high contrast view and uses a vertical layout designed to support assistive technology devices with accessing all of the content with ease.

Microsoft recommends using the Microsoft Edge browser for the best experience with accessibility view.

Step-by-step guide

How to Create a Microsoft Sway

  1. First, login to the Office 365 Portal  
  2. Find the Sway icon, either on the main screen or in the waffle menu at the top left of the page.  
  3. Click the Sway icon to open the application.  
    Microsoft Sway icon

  4. Create a New blank Sway
    Select new blank sway to get started.

How to Add Content Cards

The Storyline is where you can insert and edit content cards in a sequential order to create presentations, interactive newsletters, digital reports, and more.  Content cards can consist of text, images, videos, PDFs, and Office documents. 

  1. Choose Storyline view to begin editing your Microsoft Sway 
    Storyline view is where you can begin editing your Microsoft Sway.

  2. Title card appears by default. Click on the place holder text to enter a title for your Microsoft Sway. 

    1. Click on the arrow next to Details to add a background image or logo to your title card. Include alternative text when inserting an image to maintain optimal accessibility. 

    2. Emphasize will change the text format to bold in order to make the text more noticeable.
    3. Accent will change the text format to italics for a more subtle appearance.   
    4. Link will create a hyperlink to an external website or resource. 
    5. Focus Points lets you choose the layout, focus and positioning of the image. 

  3. Click on green plus symbol to continue adding content to your Sway. 

    1. Suggested menu suggests content items you might add based on what cards are currently on your Storyline.  
    2. Text can be added to cards as headings or paragraph format. 
    3. Media can be added from your computer, OneDrive for Business or using other suggested sources connected to Microsoft Sway. 

How to Change the Style of a Sway

  1. Click Design on the menu bar.

  2. In the top right corner click Styles

  3. From the Styles pane you can choose a layout view, customize your own design or click Remix to randomly change the look/design of your Microsoft Sway. 


Sway Quick Start Guide

Tips for making your Sway accessible 

Accessibility features in Sway

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk