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Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace, which allows you to share files, assign tasks, schedule meetings, and communicate seamlessly.  This Office 365 application can be accessed on the web, from the desktop, or on mobile devices. 

Microsoft Teams can be connected to an existing Office 365 Group or you can create, manage and form a Team within the tool itself. When you create a Team, you can invite others to begin collaborating and planning for upcoming projects, events or to create a centralized location for communicating with colleagues.  

Step-by-step guides

How to Create a Microsoft Team

  1. Login to Office 365 Portal
  2. Find Teams icon, either on the main screen or in waffle menu at the top left of the page.  
  3. Click Teams icon to open the application. 

  4. At the bottom of the teams channel window, click Join or create a team or click Create Team to begin setting up your team

  5. Choose the type of team you want to set up. If you have an existing Office 365 Group that you’d like to convert to a Team, select one of the options below and proceed to How to Create a team from an Existing Office 365 Group

  6. Name your team, write a brief description and choose the privacy level. 

If you choose for your team to be public, it will allow other users in your organization to search the Microsoft Teams directory and join your team. Private Teams are the recommended option.

How to Create a Team from an Existing Office 365 Group

  1. After Step 7 above, click Create a team from an existing Office 365 group. 

  2. Select your Office 365 Group from the list and click Choose team.  If you do not see a Group in the list, a Microsoft Team may have already been created or the existing group has more than 2500 members.  

You do not need to have an existing Office 365 Group to create a new Microsoft Team. However, each new Microsoft Team that is created will automatically create an Office 365 Group.

How to Add a Team Member 

  1. Click the Teams tab located on the left navigation bar to open the channel window. 
  2. From the Teams channel window, click on the ellipses (...) next to the team name.

  3. Click on Add a member.

  4. Search the directory for each member and click Add.  You may add multiple members at one time. 

How to Manage a Team

  1. To manage your Microsoft Team, click the ellipses (...) next to the team name in the channel window.
  2.  Select Manage team from the menu.
  3. Click Members to see a list of each person in your Microsoft Team. 
  4. Here you can add additional members and assign roles for your Microsoft Team.

Managing Team Settings 

  1. To manage your team click the ellipses (...) next to the team name in the channel window.
  2. Select Manage team from the menu. 
  3. To manage the settings for your Microsoft Team, click the Settings tab. 

    1. Team picture allows the team owners to change the tile image that is displayed next to the team name. 
    2. Member permissions provides the team owners with a list of features and editing rights members and guests will have. 
    3. Guest permissions allows team owners to designate if guests can create, update or edit team channels.  
    4. @mentions section lets team owners decide if members will have access to @team and @channel mentions in order to create notifications for team members. 
    5. Team code feature allows owners to generate a unique code to give to new members in order to directly add them to the team without having to send out a join request. 
    6. Fun stuff feature allows owners to give members permission to use emoji, memes, GIFs, or stickers when communicating with the team. 

For additional information visit the Microsoft Teams Help Center.

Refer to Teams Tools and Features in Office 365 to continue setting up your Microsoft Team.   

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk