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The Blackboard calendar feature is available for both faculty and students to keep track of upcoming events, assignments, and tests in their courses. 

Accessing the Calendar

  1. In the upper right corner of Blackboard, to the right of your name, click the drop-down arrow

  2. In the drop down menu, on the left side, click on the calendar icon. 

The Calendar Screen

The following image is an overview of the entire Calendar screen. We'll take a look at all of the relevant areas in the following sections, starting from the top left and moving counter-clockwise.

View Options

The three icons below the word Calendar will change your view in the main window between day-view, week-view, and month-view. Simply click on the icon that suits your needs.

Jump to Date

By pressing any date on this small version of the calendar, you're able to jump directly to that date in the main calendar window.


Your classes will be listed and color coded in the next area. To change any classes color, simply click the triangle in the right hand side of the classes box. This will pull up the menu illustrated in the above photo. Select the color you'd like the chosen class to be by clicking its icon in the menu.


If you use a calendar application such as Outlook or Google Calendar, you can add your Blackboard calendar's feed to it with this new feature. Press the Get External Calendar Link and you'll see the following screen pop up:

Copy the address generated in your course and paste it into the appropriate area in your preferred calendar application. For more information on adding an external calendar to Outlook, follow this guide.

Adding an event to the Blackboard Calendar

You're able to add your own events to the Blackboard calendar. Click the + button above the Main Calendar (you can also click on the date):

From here, the following screen will pop up:

Fill in the appropriate information and press Save. Events will show up looking similar to the following:

Changing Event Time & Date

There are two ways you can change an event time and date. 

The first is simply to click on the event and drag it to a different date. This will retain the time window (9AM, 11:59 PM, ect) but change the date to where you dragged it.

For slightly more control, simply click on a test or assignment in the calendar. The Edit Event card will pop up. Click on the Due Date field. From there, you can select a new time and date by clicking the date and sliding the hour and minute sliders.

You can also fine tune the event from the Edit this Test (or Edit this Assignment). Clicking this option will take you directly to the Options screen of the test or assignment you've chosen.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk