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OneNote Class Notebook is a classroom management tool designed to create a custom workspace for distributing class content, facilitating collaboration and creating a digital notebook for each student. This searchable notebook provides instructors with tools to customize lessons and individualize feedback to support students in a digital setting. OneNote Class Notebook can be accessed anytime and on any device making communicating with your class seamless. 

Step by Step Guide

How to Setup OneNote Class Notebook

  1. First, login to the Office 365 Portal
  2. Find the Class Notebook icon, either on the main screen or in the waffle menu at the top left of the page.  
  3. Click Class Notebook to open the application.  

  4. Create a class notebook 

  5. Name the class and click Next

  6. Review the notebook's organizational structure and click Next.
  7. Enter the names of additional teachers, if needed, you would like to give permission to your class notebook and click Next
  8. Enter the names of students enrolled in the class and click Next. 
  9. Customize your class notebook. Click on the section title to edit or change the section name, click checkboxes next to the sections you want to include in your class, add any additional sections necessary and click Next to continue.  

  10. Preview teacher and student Class Notebook layouts. 
  11. Open in OneNote Online to access your Class Notebook.

Managing Class Notebook

Manage your OneNote Class Notebook with ease from your browser. To begin creating new notebooks, adding/removing teachers and students or to make changes to the sections of your notebook follow the steps below:   

  1. Click Class Notebook from the menu ribbon.

  2. Choose which section you would like to manage. Each button will open a new tab or window in the browser to allow you to begin making changes. 

    1. Create Class Notebook for creating additional notebooks for other courses you teach. 
    2. Add/Remove Teachers to allow other instructors to access and manage your Class Notebook.  
    3. Add/Remove Students to manage student access to the notebook's shared content. When a student is removed from the Class Notebook, they no longer have permission to view the Content Library or can edit the Collaboration Space. However, student work will remain in the notebook unless you choose to delete it. 
    4. Manage Notebook button allows you to edit the sections the students will see, create a teacher only section, manage the collaborative space and create a link to share with guests. 

      1. Enable Teacher-Only section creates a separate section in Class Notebook for the teacher. This section could include pages for lesson plans, activity outlines, and other resources necessary to successfully facilitate the class. 
      2. Lock Collaboration Space provides the teacher with the opportunity to manage when students are able to edit pages within this section.
      3. Click the pencil next to each Student section you wish to edit. 
      4. Click Add section to create additional sections for organizing student notebooks.   
      5. Parent and guardian links creates a link you can provide guests to allow them to view the OneNote Class Notebook. 

For additional support with implementing OneNote Class Notebook refer to the OneNote for Teachers - Interactive Guide

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk