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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information

Bearprint Client Issues

  • When I printed from BearPrint, it deducted funds from my account, but nothing printed.
  • When I printed from BearPrint, my paper got jammed or damaged.
  • My BearPrint client won't find the lab printers.
  • I cannot connect to the BearPrint server.
  1. You will need to talk to a Computer Services Help Desk lab assistant in Cheek Hall, Meyer Library, or Glass Hall for assistance.

Printer Not Available

My Printer is not showing up on my computer.

  1. The Printer is most likely disconnected or the connection has been interrupted.
  2. If the Printer is plugged in directly to your computer:
    1. Make sure your printer is on.
    2. Turn the printer off and on again.
    3. Check the connection between the computer and the printer.
  3. If the Printer is connected through the network such as TIGER or MANATEE:
    1. Check your computer's internet connection.
    2. Attempt to re-add the printer from the network. (Here are guides for adding Open-Access Lab printers)
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Contact Computer Services.

Printer Available, Documents Will Not Print

My printer is showing up in my computer, but will not print any documents.

  1. This could be caused by several things but it is best to check that your printer:
    1. Has enough paper and ink.
    2. Is on and properly connected.
    3. Does not show any errors.

Printing PDF files from Web Browser

When I attempt to print PDF files from my web browser, nothing prints.

  1. This is because printing from a PDF from a web browser can sometimes fail to connect to the printer.
  2. Please download the PDF to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, and print from that program.

Printer Gives Windows Error

 My printer displays the following error in Windows: "cannot open/add printer, the local print spooler service is not running."

  1. Set the spooler to automatically run:
    1. Hit the Windows Key + R
    2. In the Run box, type services.msc and hit enter.
    3. Find the print spooler and select Run Automatically.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk