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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

Review best practices by category

Items are not appearing as expected. 

  • Is Edit Mode set to 'On"?
  • Log out using the Blackboard log-out button and log back in. 
  • Clear your system's cache.
  • Check the item settings for Availability, Date Restrictions, or Adaptive Release Rules.  
  • If you completed a course copy or imported content, this process can take up to 2+ hours to complete. You will receive an email when the process is complete. Make sure to log out of Blackboard and log back in to see if content installed properly. (NOTE: If you click Course Copy or Import more than one time, you WILL end up with multiple copies of your course content, which must be deleted manually.)

How do I know what students can see in the course? 

Why is my course not showing up in Blackboard? 

  • Instructors must request Blackboard courses using the Class Dashboard.
  • For instructors, make sure you have been set by your department as Instructor of Record in Banner for this course. If you are a new employee with the University, it may take a week or more to get your paperwork through the HR process to be added into Banner.
  • For students, the course will not display under their My Courses module until the Instructor makes the course available.

    Computer Services does not add instructors or students to the Blackboard Learn system or to Blackboard courses. This is done through a sync with the Banner system. 

This doesn't address my issue. Where can I get more information to troubleshoot my issue? 

  • Check out the Experts Knowledge Base for Blackboard Learn and other Learning Management System articles. You can also contact the Computer Services Help Desk with any questions.

Is there a class or other training I can attend? 

  • Check the University Calendar or Help Desk website for a list of training courses. 
  • Instructors can utilize the Learning Management System Resources for Faculty organization in Blackboard under the Community tab. This houses online video courses and other helpful resources. 
  • Attend an "Ask the Experts" Blackboard Open Session, held every Friday afternoon from 1:30 - 4:30pm in Meyer Library 106 Technology Training Center. 

How do I add/remove additional Students/Instructors to my course? 

  • All students in your course should be added via automatic enrollment when they register for your course in Banner. If there are special circumstances, the instructor for the course should email the helpdesk at with a detailed explanation of the circumstances.
  • Any instance of an instructor needing to be added to a course must be done via the appropriate departmental office in Banner.
  • Due to issues and possible problems with removing student records from Blackboard, instructors cannot remove users from courses.  If there are special circumstances, the instructor for the course should email the Help Desk at with a detailed explanation of the circumstances and we will check to see if the indicated person can be removed.

One of my students reported a problem with a quiz/test, is there anything "extra" the Help Desk can do to investigate? 

  • No, we see the exact same activity and Grade Center information the instructor does.
  • Instructors can view the Troubleshooting Assessments page for possible solutions.

  • The Help Desk does not reset tests. Only the Instructor can reset a test or allow another test attempt for a student.

A tool is not showing up under Course Tools, how do I get it to show up? 

  • Go to Control Panel, then Customization, and click on Tool Availability.
  • Check to see if the box next to the missing tool is checked.  If not, do so and then click Submit.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk