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Some web pages still use the legacy Quicktime 7 plug-in for media. Newer versions of OS X do not enable this plug-in. Your browser may say that the plug-in is missing or not supported even when Quicktimes is installed and up-to-date.


In order to view the media the plug-in will need to be restored.

  1. Choose Go and click Go to Folder from the menu bar in the finder.
  2. Type Library/Internet Plug-ins in the search bar and click Go.
  3. While holding down COMMAND (⌘), double click the Disabled Plug-ins folder to open it in a new window.
  4. Drag the QuickTime Plugin.plugin and nslQTScriptablePlugin.xpt files into the Internet Plug-ins folder.
  5. If asked to authenticate click authenticate and enter the administrator login and password.
  6. Close out of the browser and reopen. It should now display the media.


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