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Instructors access Respondus Monitor from within their online course. Respondus Monitor enables institutions to protect the integrity of non-proctored, online exams. Students use their own computer and a webcam to record assessment sessions, all without leaving the institution's learning management system. Students start the LockDown Browser, log into the LMS, and complete a brief start up sequence prior to the exam that makes sure the student's webcam and microphone are working. The student and the surrounding environment are recorded during the entire exam, and the student might be asked to show identification. Instructors can quickly review details of the assessment, and even watch the recorded video. Additionally, thumbnails will be taken at random intervals for the instructor to see.

Under the Lockdown broswer settings, set the exam for Require Respondus Monitor for this Exam. You can also give the students the option to take the exam with webcam or in a proctored testing lab. To do this select Either Respondus Monitor or a proctored lab can be used to take this exam. Then a test password will then be required to access the test (for use in proctored settings).

It is recommended that students take an ungraded or "extra credit" practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.

    • Have students complete this quiz well before they must use LockDown Browser and a webcam to take a graded exam.
    • Leave the quiz available for the duration of the course, with unlimited attempts allowed, so students who take exams from different locations (or using different computers) can check their setup before starting a graded exam with LockDown Browser.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk