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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.


A problem has been discovered when trying to print a document from ApplicationXtender Web Access from the Windows 7 operating system. This entry provides the solution to correct it.

If the error message below is received when trying to print a document, follow the steps listed to correct it.


  1. Open Internet Explorer's Internet Options screen. Click on the Security tab, then click on Trusted sites, then click on the Sites button.
  2. After the Trusted sites dialog box appears find and select the entry in the Websites list and click on the Remove button (if the entry doesn't appear in the list skip down to step 8).
  3. Close the Trusted sites dialog box.
  4. Click the OK button on the Internet Options screen.
  5. Close this and all other Internet Explorer browsers that are currently open.
  6. Open a new Internet Explorer session.
  7. Once again, open Internet Explorer's Internet Options screen and return back to Trusted sites (click on Security tab, then Trusted sites, then Sites button).
  8. In the text box labeled "Add this website to this zone:" enter then press the Add button. Do the same thing for, and
  9. Close the Trusted sites dialog box.
  10. Click the OK button on the Internet Options screen.

Finally, log into BDMS, then navigate to a document you wish to print. Test that the change was made correctly by printing the document. 

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