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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

A score for the Attempt must be entered for the student to be able to view the inline comments.

Problem - I'm having problems logging in.


Students typically log into Blackboard using the My Missouri State Portal. If the portal does not work, you may attempt to log in from If you cannot log in from that page, your BearPass ID may need to have the password changed. If this does not work, contact the Help Desk.

Problem - I don't see a course I'm registered for.


You will be enrolled in your course when you register for classes through My Missouri State. If you can't see the course, double check your registration in My Missouri State. If all is correct there, it is likely your instructor has not made the course available to students. Some instructors do not utilize Blackboard, so contact your instructor if they have indicated you should be able to see the course.

Problem - My left menu bar disappeared.


There should be a blue bar on the left side of your Blackboard menu. When clicked, your course menu will reappear.

Problem - Where do I see my grades?


Navigate to the drop-down menu beneath your name on the top right-hand of your Blackboard page and click the icon of a sheet of paper with a checkmark and plus sign. Visit How to Check Grades Using the My Grades Tool for more information.

Problem - I got an "Access Denied" error when trying to access a document or content area.

  1. Log out of Blackboard by clicking the Power Button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Close your browser completely.
  3. Open your browser and clear your cache. See the guides below for more information:
  4. Try accessing the Blackboard Course and item again. If you still get the error, contact the Help Desk.

Problem - Something happened while I was taking a test. (Timed out, Access Denied error, ect.)


This can happen when you do not log out of Blackboard before you close your browser. This causes Blackboard to think that your test session has already expired. You should always click the power button in the top right corner to log out before closing a Blackboard window. Please contact your instructor for assistance. The Help Desk cannot reset tests.

Problem - The Video I am Uploading Is Too Large


If the video you are attempting to upload to Blackboard exceeds the size limit for videos it will give you an error message when you attempt to upload the video. An alternative solution is to upload the video to YouTube and post a link. In order to allow YouTube to let you post a video that exceeds 15 minutes you will need to complete the following steps:

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk