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You've initiated a Course Copy, but you're not seeing that it's worked properly; items are missing or the new course generally doesn't look right.

Solution 1: Wait
Course Copy takes a while! We recommend that even after you get the email that states that the process is complete, you wait another 15 minutes before opening the course to inspect the results. Patience pays off more often than not!
Solution 2: Redo

If your copy has completed, you've waited the requisite time needed, and there are missing items or errors you can try to redo the process. However, it is highly advised that you clean the course you copied into (NOT from) out completely, including the course menu, files and Tests, Surveys, and Pools. You can manually clean out your course files or email the Help Desk to request a bulk delete on the course.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk