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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

These are the types of requirements that can be added to the Student Educational Planner.  See the page called "How to Create Major/Minor Requirements" to create these requirements.


Choice is used when you wish to present multiple but defined course options for a student.  Click “Choice” to get a “Choice Requirement” line.  Click the  to begin entering your choices.  In the course selection box, type the course prefix you are looking for to get a list of choices.  Select your class.  Click the “Add another option” button at the bottom to select a second course.  Continue until all of your course choices are listed.  The plan will allow a maximum of six courses.  for more courses, type them in the notes section.

NOTE: The “+” sign to the right of the course is to add paired courses such as lecture/lab combination (i.e. BIO 101 and 111).

Courses that are listed in a "choice" requirement are not displayed as planned in the audit view.  If a student decides which class they want to take, you should replace the "choice" requirement with a "course" requirement.

There is a limit of 6 courses at this time.  If more courses are needed, they can be added in the notes section. 


Course is used when you wish to add a single course to the plan.  The course selection menu works the same as Choice only there is not an option to add additional choices.


Placeholder is used when you know a certain type or number of credits are needed, but you are unable to provide a defined list at the point this is stored in the plan.  If this is a placeholder for a particular major/minor requirement, select “Requirement Choice.”  If this is a placeholder for elective credits to reach a credit count (i.e. upper division count, minimum credits count) or is just an extra course, select “Elective.”  If the work is transfer work that will come in from another institution, select “Transfer”.  In the “Value” field, type a description of what the placeholder is meant to represent.  As a more concrete decision is made, this can be deleted and replaced with a specific course entry.


Test score is used when a department has an independent (not imbedded in a class) exit exam that must be completed as part of the graduation requirements.  An example from the general education template is the University Exit Exam.  Many departments do not have such an exam, but if your department does, this is a way to plan for the student to complete it.

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