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Learn the basics of Web Press editing.


For management and server purposes, Web Press makes use of multiple projects.

  • Foundation
  • Springfield
  • Web Press Training
  • West Plains

Editors only have access to the project their site is located on.

First login

In order to begin editing, editors — upon gaining access  must select a project after logging into Web Press for the first time.


In Web Press, the SmartEdit tab is the visual-editing module that editors use to manage their site's pages and content.

Red dots

In SmartEdit, every visible Web Press page will have a red dot icon next to it. Selecting a red dot will open the corresponding Web Press page and display any editing options the page may have. Each editing option can then be managed by selecting the corresponding red dot.

Open and close

In SmartEdit, it's not required to close a page in order to open another one. Opening another page — by selecting its red dot — will simply close any currently open pages and editing windows.

Tip: If a Web Press page is currently open, it will say "Close" next to the red dot instead of "Open."

Page types

Web Press refers to all web pages, structure blocks and content blocks as "pages".

This is not to be confused with web pages, which we designate as "basic pages" in Web Press.

Page or block?

To help reduce editor confusion, our web help desk normally refers to Web Press pages as either "blocks" or "items" when providing assistance.

Basic page (web page)


Row (structure block)


Content block


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk