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These are more general assessment resources. For specific measurement tools you will need to answer the following questions. Once you have the answers to these questions it will be easier to pinpoint an actual assessment tool.
  • What is your outcome that you are trying to measure?
  • What is the format of the program?
  • Are you looking for a direct measure of the outcome or a self-report measure?
  • Do you have any challenges that you are facing with assessment? (e.g. only together a limited amount of time, students don’t return post-tests, etc.)

General Assessment

National Youth Leadership Council

They have a clearinghouse of resources. I searched for assessment and came up with a variety of publications assessing different aspect of engagement. 

Service-learning and Assessment: A Field Guide for TeachersCorporation for National and Community ServiceThis has some examples of assessment.

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques

Campus CompactThis book walks you through assessment at both an individual and institutional level.
Bonner FoundationBonner FoundationBonner always has great resources on their website. Here is some information about assessment found on their wiki.
Assessing Service-LearningResearch and Practice in AssessmentThe article outlines many tools available for assessment
Empowering Community by Assessing and Developing Service Learning PartnershipsImagining AmericaOutlines assessment resources, methods, and instruments



Civic Mindedness Graduate ScaleIUPUI Center for Service and LearningThey have well-defined dimensions of civic mindedness that might be helpful when developing outcomes.
CAS StandardsCouncil for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education  The CAS Standards may be helpful when determining your outcomes.
Social Change Model of Leadership

1. Leadership for a Better World:

2.  A Social Change Model of Leadership Development Guidebook, Version III, Higher Education Research Institute, 1996

You could use other models to help you determine and measure your outcomes, such as the Social Change Model of Leadership
How Service Learning Affects StudentsHigher Education Research InstituteExamined the difference in outcomes for service-learning and community service and how the outcomes are facilitated.
Assessing Learning in Service-Learning Courses Through Critical ReflectionJournal of Experiential Education, 33(3) 
Student Civic Learning OutcomesTufts UniversityOutlines outcomes along the domains for civic knowledge, civic skills, and civic values.
A Framework for 21st Century Civic-Learning and Democratic EngagementFrom AAC&U's A Crucible MomentCould be used to develop outcomes
Student Leadership Development ModelSt. Cloud State UniversityPresents outcomes based on the Social Change Model of Leadership
Core CommitmentsAAC&UProvides a framework for personal and social responsibility
Educating for CitizenshipAAC&UOutlines phases of citizenship and the levels of knowledge for each
The Civic Learning SpiralIn Civic Engagement in Higher Education by Barbara JacobyOutlines the outcomes for each of 6 dimensions

Assessment Resources at Other Colleges


Skidmore CollegeOffice of Community Service ProgramsThis site provides examples of rubrics available and potential outcomes
Creighton UniversityOffice for Academic Excellence and AssessmentThey have tutorials available in powerpoint format.
Towson UniversityCivic Engagement and LeadershipProvides assessment tools for faculty
Western Carolina UniversityCenter for Service LearningThis site contains links to example outcomes and measurement tools.


Scales and Rubrics

AAC&U Value RubricsAAC&U

These rubrics can be very helpful in helping you define your outcomes. You can download all the rubrics including the civic engagement ones on the AAC&U website.

Service Engagement and Student Impact - Evaluation ToolIndiana Campus Compact

Evaluation tool measuring service engagement and student impact. 

The Measure of Service Learning: Research Scales to Assess Student ExperiencesAmerican Psychological AssociationThis book has a variety of quantitative measurement scales.
Uniform Assessment of the Benefits of Service Learning: The Development, Evaluation, and Implementation of the Seleb ScaleJournal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 14(3) 
Civic Attitudes and Skills QuestionnaireMichigan Journal of Community Service Learning 8(2)

Title: "Psychometric Properties and Correlates of the Civic Attitudes and Skills Questionnaire (CASQ): A Measure of Students' Attitudes Related to Service-Learning"


Institutional Measures

NSSE and BCSSECenter for Postsecondary Research (IU)Institutional assessment measures
CIRPHigher Education Research InstituteAdministered to freshmen across the US
MSL Measures the 7 c's of the social change model of leadership
NASCESiena CollegeMeasures community engagement across the institution
Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques Campus Compact This book walks you through assessment at both an individual and institutional level.
Looking In, Reaching OutCampus CompactProvides tools to help institutions assess where they are with engagement and develop new programs

Measuring Community Impact

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques Campus Compact 

Chapter on Community Impact, Matrix on p. 87 provides a list of concepts and indicators. Chapter also contains a survey and protocols for observation, interview, and focus group. 

Looking In, Reaching OutCampus CompactChapter on How to Develop Campus-Community Partnerships. Provide worksheets for each stage in the process that you and the community partner would complete. 
Promise of PartnershipsCampus CompactChapter on Assessing Partnerships - gives some characteristics of sustainable partnerships and provides an example of a cost/benefit analysis. 

Characteristics of “Engaged Institutions” and Sustainable Partnerships, and Effective Strategies for Change

Center for Urban Studies

Provides characteristics of partnerships that you could assess. 

Rubrics for the GSN Self-Assessment ProcessGenerator School NetworkRubric for assessing a service learning project
Focus on Assessment and EvaluationMinnesota Campus CompactProvides a variety of assessment resources
Assessment ResourcesIUPUI Center for Service and LearningProvides resources on assessment
Methods and Strategies for Community Partner AssessmentCommunity-Campus Partnerships for HealthIncludes the Health Professions Schools in Service to the Nation end of program survey and focus group questions

Tracking Hours / Outcomes (software)

Bright Impact
Serve.Track.Report (webinar on tracking software from Campus Compact of the Mountain West)
Program Model
MU Serves





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