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CyberhoodProvides book lists, syllabi, program models, and websites related to Urban Affairs
Co.ExistNew and innovative ideas in community change
Ted TalksVideos that could be used as teaching tools
NY TimesCan subscribe as an institution
GoodInnovative stories and solutions to community issues focused on "living well and doing good"
Community ToolboxTools for community change
Understanding PrejudicePresents information about the causes and consequences of prejudice
AppalshopProduces multi-media pieces about Appalachia
Social Justice Program GuidesProvides various guides for facilitating activities and discussions
Using Photographs to Teach Social JusticeProvides examples of classroom activities that utilize photographs
A Human Rights PerspectiveIncludes various activities to facilitate discussion
SpentOnline poverty simulation from the Urban Ministries of Durham
Social CopsAn organization that provides information to help solve social problems
Public LabProvides tools for investigating environmental issues
iCivicsLessons and games pertaining to civics
YES! MagazineMagazine covering many of the issues of our time
UpworthyMultimedia postings of happenings around the world
VoxTagline: "Explains everything you need to know, in two minutes"
Open Society FoundationsFunds programs around the world



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