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CO - Corps of Opportunity position

EN - Endowed position

GF - Grant-funded position

PT - Part-time employee

 Board of Governors
 System President - Clif Smart
 Chancellor - Shirley Lawler

Assistant to the Chancellor - Vacant

Executive Assistant IV - Angela Matteson

 Dean of Academic Affairs - Dennis Lancaster

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs - Michael Orf

Coordinator of Institutional Research and Effectiveness - Carrie Steen

Executive Assistant III - Teresa Shipley

Executive Assistant I - Margie Griffin

Academic Administrative Assistant II - Vacant

Instructional Designer - Vacant

Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator - Jerry Trick

Technology Distance Learning Coordinator - David White

Program Manager, Workforce and Apprenticeship Opportunities - Sheila Barton/GF

Job Developer - Roy Crouch/PT/GF

GOCAT Administrative Assistant - Sheri Mayfield/PT/GF

GOCAT Technology Assistant - Larry Noller/PT/GF


 Nursing and Allied Health Division Chair/Director of Nursing & Allied Health - Amy Ackerson/EN

Nursing - Barbara Caton

Nursing - Kirsten Cotter

Nursing - Carla Huddleston

Nursing - Lisa Wade

Academic Administrative Assistant II - Vacant

Admissions Coordinator/Academic Advisor - Karla Bean 

Director of Health Information Technology - Tresa Ryan

Health Information Technology - Carla Neff

Administrative Assistant - Marcella Bean/PT

10 Per-course faculty

 Arts, Education and Social Sciences Division Chair/Assistant Professor - Judy Carr

Communication - Gary Phillips

English - Leigh Adams

English - Craig Albin

English - Frank Priest

English - Phil Howerton

History - Jason McCollom

History - Vacant

Honors/Philosophy - Alex Pinnon

Political Science - Kathy Morrison

Psychology Sociology - Judy Carr

41 Per-course faculty

 Business, Applied Technology and Public Service Division Chair/Assistant Professor - Cathy Profitt-Boys

Accounting - Dasha Russell

Agriculture - Cathy Profitt-Boys

Agriculture - Linda Wulff-Risner

Business - David White

Child and Family Development - Renee Keith

Child and Family Development - Brenda Smith

Computer Graphics and Programming - James Hart

Computer Graphics and Programming - Vacant

Computer Graphics and Programming - Jacob Poulette

Computer Information Systems - James Hart

Computer Information Systems - Tera Smith

Economics - Edward Birdyshaw

Entrepreneurship - Cathy Profitt-Boys

Entrepreneurship - Dasha Russell

Management - David White

Quantitative Business Analysis - Cathy Profitt-Boys

34 Per-course faculty

 Science and Mathematics Division Chair/Assistant Professor - Jay Towell

Biology - Benjamin Wheeler

Biology - Ana Estrella-Riollano

Biology - Sharath Rongali

Biomedical Sciences - Vacant

Chemistry - Kip Rugutt

Geology/Geography - Rajiv Thakur

Mathematics - Melinda Denton

Mathematics - Jay Towell

Mathematics - Jerry Trick

Laboratory and Stores Supervisor - Bobbi Dykes/PT

13 Per-course faculty

Academic Services

 AACCESS Coordinator - Cindy Bridges

Student Support Specialist - Pam Tate

VIP Project Director - Mark White

Administrative Assistant I - Kristi Huff

Academic Advisor - Bruce Cavitt

Academic Advisor - Greta Myers/PT

Test Proctor - Martie Spraggins/PT

Administrative Assistant II - Rebecca Estes

 Academic Support

 Adult Education and Literacy (AEL)

Coordinator, College Readiness Programs/Instructor - Joan Wright/GF

Assistant Coordinator -  Susan York/PT/GF

Administrative Assistant - Linda Erzinger/PT/GF

 Grizzly Tutoring Lab

PAWS Coordinator - Nancy Fuller/PT

Preparatory Math Specialist - Thora Broyles

Writing Specialist/Testing Coordinator - Alexandra Graham

Math Tutors

Writing Tutors

Other Subject Area Tutors

 Career Center Data Coordinator - Vacant/PT

2 Students/PT

 Director of Library Services for Garnett Library - Sylvia Kuhlmeier

Assistant Librarian - Neva Parrott

Cataloger/Reference Librarian - Vacant

Circulation/Shelving Supervisor - Sophia Skinner

 TRIO Student Support Services Coordinator - Mary Kellum/GF

Academic Advisor - Vickie Petkovic/GF

Academic Advisor - Kathy Mann/GF

Administrative Assistant I - Vacant

 Director of Business and Support Services - Scott Schneider

Evening Safety Officer - 1 Student/PT

Parking Attendants - 3 Students/PT

 Accounting Manager - Christina Kerley

Accounting Technician - Gretchen Blasius

Accounting Technician - Barbie Mustion

Assistant - Stacy Parsons/PT

1 Student Employee

 Superintendent of Physical Plant - Ron Hensley

Groundskeeper/General Maintenance Worker - Vacant

Groundskeeper/General Maintenance Worker - Jimmie Reed

Groundskeeper/General Maintenance Worker - David York

Groundskeeper/General Maintenance Worker - Benton Grills

Custodial Foreman - Stephan Harris

Custodian I - Brian Benson

Custodian I - Vacant

Custodian I - Vacant

Custodian I - Deana Bell

Custodian I - Charles Rietman

10 Students/PT

 Procurement/Human Resources Specialist - Alyssa Collins

 Director of Development - Heather Kamps

Assistant Director of Development - Amber Carr

Administrative Assistant II - Vacant

Administrative Assistant II - Debbie Martin

Events Coordinator - Quintana Patterson/PT

Grant Development Specialist - Vacant

 Director of Information Technology Services - David Young
 Coordinator, Information Systems Support - CJ Collins

Systems/Database Analyst - Biff Bird

Software Support Specialist - Michael Scheidt

Programmer/Analyst - Daniel Wilson

 Networking & Telecommunications

Systems Programmer - Brett Becker

 Technology Support

Technology Support Specialist - Kelly Becker

Technology Support Specialist - Heath Lair

Technology Support Specialist - Bryan Moore

10 Student Lab Assistants

 Web and Media Services

Web & Media Services Specialist - Kris Brinkerhoff

3 Student Campus Media Assistant/Student Web Developers (CO)

 Dean of Student Services - Angela Totty

Administrative Assistant I - Kileene Collins

Coordinator Student Services Systems - Krista Lair

 Coordinator of Admissions - Melissa Jett

Recruitment Specialist - Rachel Peterson

Admissions Counselor - Lindsey Hicks

Admissions Evaluator - Karen Pecsok

Admission Evaluator - Nancy Scott/PT

Admission Evaluator - Vacant

Administrative Assistant II - Erica Puckett

4 Students/PT

 Drago College Store Manager - Sharon Holland

General Buyer - Wayne Cahoj

General Buyer - Rhonda Cobb

4 Students/PT

 Coordinator of Financial Aid - Jennifer Walker

Financial Aid Counselor - Rebecca Craig

Financial Aid Counselor - Kelley Towell

Administrative Specialist II - Charlene Murrell

A+ Coordinator - Karen Krietemeyer/PT

4 Students/PT

 Food Services Manager - Dawn Dionne

Food Services Attendant - Victoria Bean

Food Services Worker - 7 Students/PT

 Grizzly Athletics

Administrative Assistant - Vacant/PT

Athletic Trainer - Keri Elrod

Cheer Team Sponsor - Rachel Peterson

 Grizzly Basketball Head Coach - Christopher Popp

Assistant Basketball Coach - vacant

 Grizzly Volleyball Head Coach - Paula Wiedemann

Assistant Volleyball Coach - Briana Walsh

Volunteer Assistant Volleyball Coach - Warren Wiedemann

 Registrar - Laurie Wall

Senior Academic Records Specialist - Tara Hensley

Registration and Records Assistant - Angela Marcak

Registration and Records Assistant - Terri Combs (China)

1 Student/PT

 Coordinator of Student Life & Development - Jared Cates

Residence Life Manager - Vacant

Grizzly House Resident Assistants - 3 Students (non-employees)

Student Recreation Center - 4 Students/PT

 Director of University Communications - Cheryl Caldwell

Graphic Designer - Ronald Kerns

Public Relations Specialist - Vickie Driskell

Content Strategist - Colter Billings/PT

2 Student Employees

 Director of University/Community Programs/Affirmative Action Liaison - Brenda Polyard

Administrative Assistant II - Donna Monticelli

Coordinator of Theater and Events - Vacant

Coordinator of the Small Business Development Center - Darrell Hampsten

Counseling Assistant - Vacant/PT

Coordinator of Fitness and Athletic Training - Keri Elrod

Lifeguard Trainer - Caitlin Woodworth/PT

Lifeguards - 14/PT

Recreational Aides - 3/PT 

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