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Download the Faculty Handbook May 15 2015 (PDF 325 KB).

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Missouri State University-West Plains

Faculty Handbook 

(Last revision effective 2015/2016)

Faculty Handbook Approved by
Missouri State University
Board of Governors
Original Approval Date – December 17, 1993

Most Recent Approval Date – May 15, 2015

Administrative Forward:

The Faculty Handbook for Missouri State University-West Plains will at a minimum be revised every seven years following the septennial review by the Faculty Handbook Committee and approval of changes by the Board of Governors. The master copy will be maintained jointly by the Faculty Handbook committee and the Office of Academic Affairs. The Faculty Handbook will be posted to the University website with each approved revision.

Explanatory Note

This Faculty Handbook reflects the policies of Missouri State University-West Plains, here-in referred to as the West Plains Campus or Campus, in effect as of the date of publication. It prescribes the conditions of employment of all members of the faculty, both ranked and unranked. References to “University” refer to the Missouri State University system. References to the “Campus” refer to Missouri State University-West Plains. The West Plains Faculty Handbook was developed consistent with the policies of the University.

 Faculty Handbook represents the West Plains Campus-wide policy and takes precedence over policy promulgated by divisions, departments or other units within Missouri State University-West Plains. This does not preclude divisions, departments or other units within Missouri State University-West Plains from issuing policy documents separate from the Faculty Handbook; however, while all such documents may amplify, add detail to, and expand upon policies contained in the Faculty Handbook, all policy disputes shall be resolved in favor of those contained in the Faculty Handbook.

Sections 1 through 15 rescind all prior related Senate actions, all prior related administrative policies and procedures, and all faculty handbooks issued prior to 2014. This edition does not, however, rescind Appendix A: Intellectual Property Rights nor Appendix B: Financial Exigency Policy. This Faculty Handbook shall remain the policy of the Campus until amended according to procedures prescribed herein 

This handbook reflects the policies of Missouri State University-West Plains (West Plains campus and Mountain Grove campus) it does not reflect the policies of Missouri State University-Springfield (Springfield campus and the research campus in Mountain Grove).

Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

(Approved by the Board of Governors 2016/02/05)

Missouri State University is a community of people with respect for diversity. The University emphasizes the dignity and equality common to all persons and adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy regarding the treatment of individual faculty, staff, and students. In accord with federal law and applicable Missouri statutes, the University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin (including ancestry, or any other subcategory of national origin recognized by applicable law), religion, sex (including marital status, family status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other subcategory of sex recognized by applicable law), age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other basis protected by applicable law in employment or in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the University. Sex discrimination encompasses sexual harassment, which includes sexual violence, and is strictly prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

This policy shall not be interpreted in a manner as to violate the legal rights of religious organizations or of military organizations associated with the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

The University maintains a grievance procedure incorporating due process available to any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against. Missouri State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Minority/Female/Veterans/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity employer. Inquiries concerning the grievance procedure, Affirmative Action Plan, or compliance with federal and state laws and guidelines should be addressed to the West Plains campus Equal Opportunity Liaison/Deputy Title IX Coordinator Brenda Polyard at (417) 255-7966 or the Equal Opportunity Officer, Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance, Park Central Office Building, Suite 111, Springfield, Missouri 65897, (417) 836-4252, or to the Office for Civil Rights.

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