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OneDrive, the storage feature included in your Missouri State online account, may be used by students to create and save Microsoft Office documents without the use of a flash drive.  You can even use the Microsoft Office programs to create Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents from your home computer without owning Microsoft Office Software. 

  1. Go to your Missouri State OneDrive account either by:
    1. logging in to and clicking the OneDrive link on the homepage, or
    2. going to and signing in with your and Live@EDU password. If you aren't sure of your Live@EDU password you can see Change Email Password for Office 365 Mail (Formerly Live@EDU) for instructions on how to change it.
  2. To the right of the homepage, select the OneDrive link.

  3. Sign in to OneDrive with your and Live@EDU password..

  4. Click the OneDrive drop down menu on the top left toolbar and you may either choose to open a saved document or create a new document by choosing your desired Microsoft Office Program from the small icons near the top of the page.  
    If you are editing an existing document, click Edit In Browser.
    1. If you are creating a new document, you will be asked to name the document before it opens.

    The Office Web Apps available through your Missouri State Email do not have as many features as Microsoft Office software.  The basics are all there though, and you can create Word documents, Excel worksheets, and Powerpoint presentations from any computer with an Internet connection. 

    If you are working on homework or a project from home, you can save your work on OneDrive and open it using Microsoft Office when you get to campus. 
    Here's how:





  5. When using a Missouri State Lab computer go to your OneDrive account either by:
    1. logging in to and clicking the OneDrive link on the homepage, or
    2. going to and signing in with your and Live@EDU password. 
    open your Grizzly Den and go to OneDrive 
  6. Choose your saved document from the list and, when it opens, select File then Open In _______  (in this example, we are opening a OneDrive workbook in Microsoft Excel).

  7. A small window will appear to warn you not to open suspicious files.  Click OK.

  8. The next window will ask for your Email address and Password.  Do NOT enter your Email address, but your, the login name that you use to sign in to, and your Live@EDU password.  If you don't know your Live@EDU password or don't remember setting one, go HERE.
  9. Click OK.

  10. Another window will appear requesting your username and password.  Enter the same information as you did in step 6 (, the login name that you use to sign in to, and your Live@EDU password).  Click OK.

  11. Your OneDrive document should have successfully been opened in a Microsoft Office program.  Now you can use all the Office 2007 features not available in OneDrive, save your work on an external drive, or print.