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Because Missouri State University-West Plains is a state-assisted institution, the fees for Missouri residents are lower than those for non-residents. A student’s residence status is determined at the time of admission according to a policy recommended by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education and adopted by the Missouri State University Board of Governors. Copies of this policy are available on request from the admissions office.

Those who wish to qualify and/or apply for Missouri residency for fee purposes, should review the information below and the Residency Policy carefully.


To apply for residency for fee purposes, please print, complete and submit the residency application (You need a PDF viewer similar to Adobe® Reader® to view and print this document). Copies of the residency application are also available upon request from the admissions office.

For Students Who Wish to Apply for Reclassification from Non-Resident to Resident Status for Fee Purposes

Please carefully review the following before submitting your application for reclassification.

The residency policy established by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education and adopted by the Missouri State University Board of Governors is online at Section 7(a) of that policy indicates that "Attendance at an institution of higher education shall be regarded as a temporary presence within the State of Missouri; therefore, a student neither gains nor loses resident status solely by such attendance." In accordance with this policy, non-residents who initially come to Missouri for the purposes of attending a college or University cannot under most circumstances qualify for classification as a resident while continuing their enrollment. It is important to note that a student may be a "resident" of Missouri for purposes such as voting and automobile registration but not qualify for classification as a resident for fee purposes. Additionally, it is not out of the ordinary for students to obtain part-time employment during the academic year and/or summer session or to rent an apartment or home while attending school. Therefore, these factors alone are not sufficient to qualify an individual as a resident for fee purposes.

Examples of students who initially come to Missouri as non-residents but who qualify for reclassification to resident status for fee purposes include: 1) dependent students whose parents subsequently move to Missouri and qualify as residents under the policy, 2) students who become eligible for reclassification following marriage to a Missouri resident (intent to marry is not sufficient) and 3) students who discontinue their education for a year or more while living and working in Missouri.

If, after reviewing the policy and the information provided here, you believe you qualify as a resident for fee purposes, please complete the residency application and provide the necessary supporting documentation.

If you pay income taxes to Missouri, you may qualify for a reduction in the non-resident portion of your fees even if you are classified as a non-resident for fee purposes. Please contact the director of business and support services in the business office in Cass Hall, (417) 255-7260, for questions regarding this procedure or policy. If you have not already done so, we also encourage you to contact the office of financial aid to make sure you are aware of all of the types of financial assistance that may be available to you.

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