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There are a couple different options for creating assignments on Blackboard: turnitin assignments, assignments under the Assessments list, and safe assignments under the Assessments list. 

Creating Assignments

To create an assignment

  1. On the Course Menu, click the content area to which you want to add an assignment.
  2. Point to Assessments, and then click Assignment.

  3. On the Create Assignment page, in the Name and Color box, type a name for the assignment.
  4. In the Instructions area, type instructions for your students, if desired. 
  5. Under Assignment Files, attach any files you wish to the assignment (such as a rubric or grading information).

  6. Under Grading, type the points possible for the assignment. 

  7. Under Availability, set your availability date and restrictions; this includes number of attempts for each assignment.

  8. Under Due Dates, select the day you want to make the assignment due; this is not a required step.

  9. Under Recipients, select whether you want to distribute the assignment to each student or to a specific group of students; this can be useful if you want to give different student groups different projects.

  10. When you have finished creating your assignment, click Submit


View documentation on Creating SafeAssignments.

Turnitin Assignments

View documentation on Turnitin Assignments .