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Respondus is a Windows-based tool used for creating exams for several different online educational systems, including Blackboard. The following documentation will aid you with installing and configuring Respondus, as well as using Respondus to create and edit exams and surveys.

Under Respondus Documentation, you will also find the complete PDF files for the Respondus Quick Start Guide and full User Guide. Use these PDFs if you have a question that is not answered in the Experts documentation.

Installing and Configuring Respondus

Before using Respondus, you will need to install the program and configure it for the Missouri State Blackboard server. The installation instructions also include instructions for downloading the program.

 Installing and Configuring Respondus



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Creating Exams in Respondus

The following guides provide information on using Respondus to develop exams for Blackboard.

Creating Tests in Respondus

Creating Tests in Respondus by Importing Questions

Creating Tests in Respondus Using the Exam Wizard

Creating Tests in Respondus Using Publisher Test Banks

Editing Tests in Respondus

Using the Media Wizard in Respondus to Add Files

Saving and Publishing Exams

Using the Archive Wizard to Save Exams and Surveys

Publishing a Respondus Exam to Blackboard

Respondous Documentation

The following are PDF files with more information on Respondus.

Repondus Quick Start PDF 

Respondus Full User Guide PDF  

Video for Creating Content with Respondus