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The Adobe Component is needed to view documents using the Interactive Viewer.  Without the Adobe Component, documents will use the standard viewer.  Navigation options will be limited and annotations will not be available.

  1. After logging in to BDMS ApplicationXtender Web Access , go to the Help menu and choose Check Installed Components.
  2. When the Component Check screen appears, click in the section to install the ActiveX control and choose "Install this add-on for all users of this computer".  If you are not prompted for the ActiveX control, skip to step 4.
  3. Choose "Install" on the Internet Explorer - Security Window.
  4. In the Current Install Status section at the bottom of the Component Check window, verify whether or not the current version of ApplicationXtender Adobe Component is installed.  If it is, no further action is needed.  If it is not installed, click on the blue computer icon in the top section next to the ApplicationXtender Web Access Adobe Component. The version numbers you see will be different than the screen shots, since we regularly provide updates. Make sure your version number matches the one that's available for installation.
  5. Click Run on the File Download - Security Warning and the Internet Explorer - Security Warning screens that appear.
  6. Click "Next" to move through the Adobe PDFL 8.0 - InstallShield Wizard screens.  When prompted, accept the license agreement.  Use the default User Name and Organization and choose to install the application for "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)".
  7. The installation is complete.  To confirm that the Adobe Component was installed, close the Component Check window and reopen it by using the Help menu --> Check Installed Components.
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