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SharePoint has several uses, but one of its most useful features is the calendar. If you or your department has calendar information that you need to share, using SharePoint is a great way to do it.

To Connect to Outlook in Different Browsers

It's quite easy to connect your Outlook Email client to a SharePoint calendar.

  1. Sign into your SharePoint site in a web browser, and navigate to the calendar that you'd like to connect to.
  2. Click Actions, and then click Connect to Outlook. A window should pop up. This will vary based on the browser you are using; see the browser differences below. 



    If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, you will need to select Connect to Client.

  3. A window will pop-up in your Outlook Email Client asking you whether you want to connect this SharePoint calendar to Outlook (as shown below). Click Yes.

  4. The SharePoint Calendar should now show up in your list of calendars in Outlook. You can add appointments to it there, just as you would to any other Outlook calendar.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click Allow.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Select Microsoft Outlook and click OK. Click Allow.

Google Chrome

  1. Click Launch Application.

Apple Safari

Apparently, one confirmation dialog is enough for Apple.


Preventing Connect Login In Outlook

Sometime when using outlook a box will come up asking for the user's credentials with the title Connecting to








To prevent this:

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the search box type Internet Options
  3. Click on the Security tab.

  4. Click to select Local intranet then just below the box click on the Sites button.
  5. A new box should come up. Click the Advanced button.

  6. In the "Add this website to the zone:" box type then click Add.

  7. Close the boxes and restart Outlook.

To Create a SharePoint Calendar

If you'd like to add a new calendar to your SharePoint site, you'll have to be a site owner.

  1. If you have the appropriate permissions, click Site Actions, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of most SharePoint pages.
  2. From the Site Actions menu, click Create. A few lists of choices will come up.
  3. Under Tracking, click the Calendar link. Give it a name, a description, and decide whether you want it to appear in the "Quick Launch," which is the list of links on the left-hand side of most SharePoint pages. Don't set the calendar to receive incoming email.
  4. Once done, click Create.