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Another way to recode a variable is to recode into the same variable.

  1. To do this click Transform > Recode Into Same Variables to perform the more flexible recoding method:

  2. A dialog box like the one below will appear in your screen. We will choose the respondent's mathematics skill as a variable that we will use to recode. Therefore click on it and then slide it to the Numeric Variables textbox.

  3. To recode variables values, click Old and New Values and the dialog box like the one below will appear.

  4. On the old values, you will write down the current values of the skill variables that you would like to change to new values, and then on the new values write down the new values you would like to see them as replacement for old values. In our case we are changing 60 to 61, 45 to 46, 55 yo 59 and 16 to 17. After you have finished, click Continue to go to the next step.
  5. A Recode into Same Variables dialog box will appear, click OK to see the computation.

  6. SPSS will recode the variables values and present it as shown in the dialog box below.

  7. Notice that values have been changed.