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Connection to each of the wireless networks is based on your login credentials, meaning you can use as many wireless devices as you would like. Students receive wireless access automatically through student fees; faculty and staff must first contact Telecommunication Services at (417) 836-4765 to get their account setup for wireless access.


Students in the residence halls will need to configure their devices for the "Resnet XX" access points.

Access 40 and ResNET 40 - The Most Secure

Access 40 offers the highest level of security currently available on the Missouri State campus, and offers support for many hardware and software combinations, including OS X and Windows Vista SP1. Windows XP SP3. Windows XP builds prior to SP3 cannot connect to Resnet 40 with the default Windows client; however, machines with Intel brand wireless adapters can download Intel PROSet/Wireless software, which will make it possible for unpatched versions of Windows XP to connect to Resnet 40. - Wireless authentication for this network is handled by PEAP encryption using the MS-CHAPv2 protocol. The data encryption method of this network is "WPA2/AES-CCMP"

Access 30 and ResNET 30 - Security Plus Compatibility

Resnet 30 is the next level in the effort to provide the campus community with a secure wireless option that incorporates compatiblity. Most computers with a wireless device installed should be able to connect to the network wirelessly with Resnet 30. - Wireless authentication for this network is handled by PEAP encryption using the MS-CHAPv2 protocol. The data encryption method of this network is "WPA/TKIP"

Guest - Wireless Access for Visitors

The Guest wireless network is a service of the University designed to provide web access for visitors to our campus. Approved guests of the University can request Guest wireless access by contacting Telecommunications Services at (417) 836-4765.

Coverage Locations

At present, there is not complete wireless coverage in the residence halls. See the wireless access page for residence hall coverage locations. In addition, the wireless coverage location page maintained by Networking Services gives details of all campus access points.


None of the mainstream video game consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are compatible with the Missouri State Network. Though they support many modern wireless standards, they lack 802.1X capabilities and do not support "WPA-Enterprise." This includes the Wii, DS, Playstation 3, PSP, and Xbox 360. Also, the Kindle Touch, does not support WPA-enterprise.

Changing Language To English to Follow Guide on Mac OSX

This portion of the guide is designed to show you how to temporarily change your language settings to match the language the above guide was created.

First, you must open the System Preferences usually located in the Dock.


When you see the system preferences window, click on the Language & Text icon.

From there, you should see a window that looks like this (Korean is used in this example):

To change to English, just click and drag the word "English" to the top of the list.

When you exit from the window, you will be able to change the language back at any time.