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Microsoft Exchange for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, using software revision 2.0 or later, can be set up to download email messages, calendar information, and contacts from our Microsoft Exchange email server.

1. Go to the Home menu (yours may look different, depending on how it has been customized) and then press Settings.

2. In the Settings menu, press Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

3. Press Add Account...

4. Press Microsoft Exchange.

5. Enter your personal account information.



The options are slightly different depending upon the version of software on your iPhone.

iPhone Software Options (iPhone 2.1 and newer)

If you have options for Domain, Username, and Password, then you should configure your settings as in the screenshot.

  • Domain: sgf
  • Username: Enter your username/BearPass Login (DO NOT add SGF\ or @SGF).
  • Password: Your normal SGF password.* The description can be anything.Click Next.



    You might receive an error message after this step. Do not be troubled, this is normal.

Older iPhone software options (Pre- iOS 2.1)

If you only have options for Username and Password, then you should configure your settings as in the screenshot on the right.

  • Username: Enter the username as SGF\BearPass Login (note that to use the backslash, you will have to choose the numbers button, and then the special characters button).
  • Password: Your normal BearPass password.
  • The description can be anything. Click Next.

6. You will likely receive an error message that it was unable to verify the security certificate. Press Accept.

7. Enter your information as before, this time adding the server information. The server is Click Next.

8. You may now choose what information you would like to synchronize with the Microsoft Exchange Server.If you already have a calendar or contacts list set up, these will be overwritten by the information stored on the exchange server (the iPhone will warn you if you turn them on). As such, you may want to add any contacts or appointments that are currently stored on your iPhone to your Exchange Contacts & Calendar using Outlook (or Entourage) before turning those features on. When you are finished, click Save.

9. Your iPhone is now set up to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server. It may take a few moments to download all of your data, depending on how much there is to synchronize. You can access your messages by returning to the Home menu and pressing Mail.

Multiple iPhone accounts

The iPhone is capable of handling multiple e-mail accounts. Once the second account is added, hit the home button followed by mail icon. If it is displaying your previous account and not your new account, tap your e-mail address in the upper left hand screen. Then tap the accounts icon and you should be directed to the main screen showing all of your email accounts.