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These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing a people block and person item.

People block

Heading (optional)

Set the heading text for the people block.

If not set, no heading text will be displayed.

Heading level (optional)

Set the heading level format (Heading 2–Heading 5) for the displayed heading text.

If not set, Heading 2 will be used for the displayed heading text.

Create and Connect Person Item

Displays an empty person item form for creating and connecting a new person item.

List of People Items

Displays the options available for reordering and removing the person items.

Person item

Edit Person Item

Displays the person item form for editing the specified person.

BearPass Email

Set the BearPass email of the person to be displayed.

Abstract (optional)

Set the additional plain text to be displayed on the right side of the person item.

If not set, by default no additional plain text will be displayed.

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