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  1. How to Store Files in OneDrive for Business

    You can store up to 1TB of data in your OneDrive for Business space. Using OneDrive is easy and can be accomplished in one of two ways: uploading directly to OneDrive on the web or syncing a folder on your workstation. The latest version of Microsoft Office comes with a OneDrive client that you can use to sync
    Experts Knowledge BaseMay 01, 2019
  2. How to Install OneDrive for Business on your Desktop

    In order to sync folders on your workstation to OneDrive and access your files offline, you'll need the OneDrive for Business application installed on your computer. Most Windows 10 systems have a OneDrive client pre-installed, so check your applications list to see if you already have OneDrive. Step-by-step guide
    Experts Knowledge BaseMay 01, 2019
  3. How to Log In to OneDrive for Business

    Your Office 365 account comes with up to 1TB of storage using Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This online cloud storage is similar to other online file storage options (like Dropbox or Google Drive), but OneDrive for Business is the only University approved, secure cloud-storage system. Step-by-step guides
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 18, 2019
  4. Installing the Windows OneDrive Application

    The OneDrive Application creates a folder on your computer that is synced with your OneDrive. Any file or folder placed into the OneDrive folder will be uploaded to your OneDrive and made accessible to other devices (either by using OneDrive web interface or OneDrive Application). Any changes made to your OneDrive
  5. OneDrive Storage Account for Students

    Your Live@edu account includes 7GB of storage in OneDrive, an online storage feature attached to your BearPass e-mail account that gives you easy access to stored files on OneDrive from any computer with internet access. From OneDrive, you can also create new Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents online
  6. Installing the iPad OneDrive Application

    Currently the application available for iPad is the iPhone application. Download the iPhone application for OneDrive from the Apple store. Click on the OneDrive icon to open the application. ondr1.png The next screen you will see will be a log in screen for OneDrive. To continue log in with your BearPass ID
  7. Using OneDrive to Create and Open Documents

    OneDrive, the storage feature included in your Missouri State online account, may be used by students to create and save Microsoft Office documents without … Microsoft Office Software.  Go to your Missouri State OneDrive account either by: logging in to
  8. OneDrive for Business

    Related articles:   For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk 417-836-5891 onedrive office365 services
    Experts Knowledge BaseFeb 28, 2017
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