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  1. How to Forward an Email as an Attachment

    You may be asked to send an email as an attachment. This can help reduce clutter and separate your email text from the one you would like to forward. If you are sending spam, phishing attempts, or other malicious email to, always send
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 30, 2019
  2. How to Email Your Class for Faculty

    .  This guide is for Faculty use only. Students are only able to email their class if they were given email addresses or if the teacher sets permissions in Experts …  with the subtitle Use for email/Excel options and to verify grade submission. 2019-04-29_1459ClassLists.png On the next page, you will be asked to select
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 30, 2019
  3. How to Edit an Email Form Block

    Follow these step-by-step instructions for editing an email form block in Web Press. Step-by-step guide Select the Open Email Form Block dot. Select the Edit form properties dot. Input the desired email address to receive form submissions into the Send to (recipient) field. input-send-to.png Complete any
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 24, 2019
  4. How to Create an Email Form Block

    Follow these step-by-step instructions for creating an email form block in Web Press. Step-by-step guide Select the Open Row dot. Select the Edit column contents dot of the desired column. Select Create and Connect Page. select-create-and-connect-page_crop.png Select Forms. select-forms.png Select Email
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 24, 2019
  5. How to forward Microsoft Outlook to a Personal Email

    When needing to forward the University Outlook email to their personal email follow these instructions. Step-by-step guide After logging into your Missouri … email address in the empty bar.            image2019-4-22_9-49-41.png       5. Any future emails that are sent to your University Email should now
    Experts Knowledge BaseApr 22, 2019
  6. How to Set Up Office 365 Education Email on Your iOS Device

    These are the steps to sync your Missouri State email account on your iPhone or other iOS device.  We recommend that you use the Outlook app found in the Google Play or Apple App Store over the built-in email phone apps.
    Experts Knowledge BaseJun 04, 2019
  7. Email Form Block

     Email form block is a Web Press content block used to display a form that sends submitted information to a specified email address. Preview the email form block in the pattern library.     For questions or comments, contact the Computer
    Experts Knowledge BaseJan 22, 2019
  8. How to Use Encrypted Email

    To ensure that sensitive information sent by email is only accessible by the appropriate party, you should use the email encryption technology supplied by the University. Step-by-step guide Sending Encrypted Email Open a new email message. In the subject line include either [secure] or [encrypt
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 31, 2018
  9. Elements for Email Form Block

    These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing an email form block. Email form properties Adjust the form properties for the email form block via a form. Headline (optional) Change the headline of the email form block. This is only visible in the Web Press editor and does not effect
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 05, 2018
  10. How to Send an Email Through Blackboard

    You're able to send an email to your instructor or teaching assistant through Blackboard. Follow these steps to email users in your course. Your instructor will have to enable the "Tools" link on the course menu and the email tool as well for this function to be utilized. Step-by-step guide Access the "Tool" link
    Experts Knowledge BaseAug 28, 2018