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  1. How to Configure Skype for Business

    The following guide provides instructions on how to locate, open, and configure Skype for Business for students, staff, and faculty users. For information on how to install Skype for Business, see the Skype for Business page. Stepbystep guide Configure Skype for Business on a PC On a Windows 10 PC, open your start
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 13, 2017
  2. Skype for Business

    department or Computer Services IT staff. The process outlined below is for personallyowned devices only. How to Install Skype for Business on a Personal Computer
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 13, 2017
  3. How to Print a Brochure

    Before you begin review the Experts Author and Style Guide. When printing a brochure, you can follow the guide below to ensure that it prints correctly. This guide was created for Microsoft Office 2013/2016. Please visit to see other help
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 17, 2017
  4. How to Plug in a Computer to an Ethernet Outlet

    You need to connect your computer to an ethernet to establish internet/domain connection. Stepbystep guide Plug in the ethernet cord to the computer. Plug in the power cord into the ethernet wall outlet. An Ethernet cable is has a larger and wider jack than a traditional phone cable (RJ11). Please verify the cable clip
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 18, 2017
  5. Forward Your Course Logs to Blackboard System Administrator

    If you have any issues or run across an ERROR message in coping or importing your course, use the following steps to send your course logs to the Blackboard Administrator for review. Stepbystep guide Click to access the detailed log. image2017106145912.png Click the Import file name image20171061502.png Related article
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 18, 2017
  6. How to Install Research Insight in the Open Access Computer Labs

    Log in as Administrator and open the Deep Freeze Console. Login with Administrator. Open up either File Explorer (Start > File Explorer) or the Windows Run Dialog Box (Windows Key R) and navigate to Navigate to Compustat > LibraryWIn8Install and run Setup.exe. Accept the default settings a
    Experts Knowledge BaseAug 31, 2017
  7. iGrade Instructor Evaluations

    This course evaluation system has been developed jointly by SGA and Faculty Senate, in part, to comply with Missouri state law. The results of these course evaluations will have value if a large percentage of students participate each semester. To Submit Evaluations: Go to the Academics Tab in My Missouri State and the
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 23, 2017
  8. How to Add Open-Access Lab Printers on Your Apple Computer

    This guide will help you set up your computer to the Open Access Lab Printers During this process you may be prompted for a username and password. The windows will say if they are for something associated with Missouri State or not. If they are with Missouri State you need to use your Bearpass Login and Password. If th
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 03, 2017
  9. How to Set Up Office 365 Education Email on Thunderbird for Faculty and Staff

    When trying to set up your Office 365 Education student email in the Thunderbird client version 24.4.0. This process will require your Office 365 Education password. This password is the same as your password. Stepbystep guide After downloading and installing Thunderbird to your computer, open the
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 03, 2017
  10. How to Download and Install Office 2016 See How to Log into Office 365 Education if you've never accessed your Office 365 account. On the main page of your portal, select Install … , you can start to use Word, Excel, and the other Office applications. If you can't find the applications, learn how to find the Office applications
    Experts Knowledge BaseNov 07, 2017