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  1. Collaborate Original for Students References

    Tips on Participating in a Session You will be asked to set your Connection Speed based on what type of connection you are using. When using a university computer on campus, select LAN. Raise your hand when you have a question or comment. Use Chat to send messages, such as questions and comments, to other participants
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  2. Collaborate Ultra for Instructors

    How to Assign a Student to be a Presenter or Captioner in Your Collaborate Session Blackboard's Promote Participants walks through the process of changing student roles. How to Create and Update Sessions Take a look at Blackboar
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  3. Collaborate for Students

    Frequently Asked Questions If you are experiencing issues with your Blackboard Collaborate session, visit Blackboard's Participant FAQ for help. How to Get Started in a Collaborate Session To learn how to get started and navig
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  4. Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

    Blogs and Journals Blogs and Journals are very similiar features available in Blackboard. The biggest difference is that journals will be private; only the instructor and the student can see the journal. Blogs, on the other hand, are visible by everyone. However, you have two different options for blogs. You can create
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  5. Discussion Board

    The discussion board is a forum style area where you can create class discussions with your students, and an asynchronous tool where students can come and go as they please, commenting on or starting new threads. Blackboard discussions are threaded; this means messages are organized in such a way that participants can
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  6. Getting Started with Collaborate Ultra

    Collaborate Roles Blackboard has four different roles available to users in a Collaborate Ultra session. Blackboard's Roles page lists and briefly explains these roles. Collaborate Tools Reference Collaborate has a host of tools available within
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  7. Chosen Name - Display Status

    Students and employees may use the Update Chosen Name link found on the Profile tab of MyMissouriState to provide a chosen name. When provided, chosen names are used in University business where technically feasibly and where a legal name is not required. Additional information can be foun
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  8. My Missouri State - Registration Tab

    Access to the Registration tab is granted to all current students, and serves as the hub for registering for classes, checking your booklist, as well as viewing your schedule, your grades, and other student records. Faculty and staff may also request access to the Registration tab to assist with supporting students ima
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  9. End of Semester LMS Checklist for Faculty

    This article includes several items that instructors should complete to close out the semester in the Blackboard learning management system. Save your course and grade history. How to View and Download Grade History How to Archive a Course Always save private and restricted data, such as identifying information
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  10. Blackboard Collaborate Original

    Both Collaborate Original and Collaborate Ultra are available in our Missouri State University Blackboard system, however Collaborate Ultra is the recommended version. Reference Blackboard’s Which Experience Should I Use page
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