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The OneDrive Application creates a folder on your computer that is synced with your OneDrive. Any file or folder placed into the OneDrive folder will be uploaded to your OneDrive and made accessible to other devices (either by using OneDrive web interface or OneDrive Application). Any changes made to your OneDrive from another device will cause the OneDrive folder on your computer to update.

Installing the Application

  1. Go to the OneDrive website using the URL and log in if necessary. If you need help doing this, look at: OneDrive Storage Account for Students.
  2. Once logged in, your account should look similar to the screen below: Click Get OneDrive Apps in the lower-left menu (outlined in red).

  3. Scroll down and click Download OneDrive for Windows.

  4. Click Save File when it becomes available.

  5. Once it is done downloading, double-click on the file in the download manager.

  6. A new window will open, and ask if you want to run the file. Click Run.

  7. A User Account Control window will appear. Click Yes.

  8. The next screen you will see will show that OneDrive is being installed on the computer. 

  9. After installation, you will see the Welcome screen. Click Get started.

  10. The next screen you will see will be a log in screen for OneDrive. Fill in the fields as shown:
    Microsoft account: (example:
    Password: Live@EDU Password
    Click Sign in once finished.

  11. Next you will see a dialog that discusses your OneDrive folder. If this is not the folder you wish to have designated as your OneDrive folder, click Change to specify your desired location. When ready, click Next to continue.
  12. It will ask you what you want to sync.

  13. This next step is very important, the option Make files on this PC available to me on my other devices decides whether you can remotely login to this computer from another computer and access files. As this is not Remote Desktop or any other widely accepted way to access your files, our current suggestion is to void this until further notice. To avoid this, click the check box. Once done, click the Done button.


    If you do not clear the check mark in this box, anyone with access to your OneDrive also gets access to your computer. We currently suggest this should be cleared before clicking Done as a result.

  14. From here, Windows Explorer will be opened to your OneDrive folder. You are now ready to use the OneDrive Application!