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Students and employees may use the Update Chosen Name link found on the Profile tab of MyMissouriState to provide a chosen name.  When provided, chosen names are used in University business where technically feasibly and where a legal name is not required.  Additional information can be found on the Student Chosen Name Information page or the Employee Chosen Name Information page.

Table of Contents

Systems Using Chosen Name

The following departments / processes / systems have been updated to use chosen names or work is in progress:

Department / Processes / SystemsCommentsDate


  • Advising (Advisee List, Advising Notes and Releases)
  • Class List
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Diploma / Graduation / Commencement reports and documents
  • Dean's List

Computer Services

Student and Faculty Names will use chosen on all Registrar systems listed.





BearPass Email and Windows Live IDs will not automatically change.

 For email address changes, please contact User Support at

May 2017

Residence Life

  • Roommate Assignment


  • Registration Status
  • Campus Wide Grade Reports (Academic Standing, Honor Roll)

Computer Services

  • BearPass Card







Currently, to use chosen name on BearPass cards, the BearPass Card staff must be notified of chosen name.

July 2017

Human Resources

  • My Learning Connection / Cornerstone LMS

Dean of Students

  • Campus Judicial

Resident Life

  • Resident Profile (RMS)
  • Floor charts, mailbox labels

August 2017


  • Faculty Grade Entry

September 2017

Computer Services

In conjunction with Luminus upgrade to version 5.

January 2018

Career Services

  • JobTracks
In conjunction with upgrade from CSO to GLCC.March 2018

Human Resources

  • Employee Directory (People Search)
  • HR Org Chart by Supervisor
  • Service Award List
  • Retiree List (used for Service Awards)

Only applies to employees / student employees

Spring 2018
In Development


  • Student Self-Service Profile
  • Advising Student Profile
  • Faculty Grade Entry / Faculty Self Service
  • Campus Wide Course Reports

Delivery pushed back from July 2017 due to technical delay associated with Banner 9 upgrade - hoping for summer 2018.



Residence Life

  • Various reports (100+)
  • RMS reports


Taylor Health Center
  • Legal name will be maintained.
  • First chosen name entered will be sent to Taylor's health information system as an alternate name if an alternate name hasn't already been entered in their system.
  • Subsequent changes to chosen names will NOT migrate to Taylor but persons can notify Taylor staff of changes.
Human Resources
  • BearPAF
  • Employee Directory report
  • Employee Fee Waiver (credit and noncredit)
  • Raise Notifications


Systems To Be Assessed

The following departments / processes / systems will be reviewed for use of chosen names where technically feasible and where legal name is not required.

DepartmentProcesses / SystemsComments
Human Resources
  • BearPAF
  • Employee Directory report
  • Employee Fee Waiver (credit and noncredit)
  • HR Org Chart by Supervisor
  • Raise Notifications
  • Retired List
  • Service Awards
Only applies to employees / student employees
Computer Services 
Residence Life
  • Meal Plans (Blackboard Transact)
  • Room Change Request
  • Autodesk
Dean of Students
  • Haven (Sexual Assault Awareness Training)
  • Campus Link
  • Student Elections
  • Transcripts (Official, Unofficial, Continuing Education)
  • Reverse Transfer
  • Degree Audit
  • Drop with a Hold workflow
  • DG/DX Hold workflow
  • Refund and Drop workflow
  • Student Booklist
  • Point of Sale / Ratex
  • eCommerce / eRatex
Foster Recreation Center  
  • TutorTrac
Disability Resource Center
  • Letter Generation
International Services  


Systems Using Only Legal Name

The following departments / processes / systems will continue to use legal name only:

DepartmentProcesses / SystemsComments
Financial AidAll financial aid documentation and systems 
Human Resources
  • IRS Forms
  • Benefits (Benefit Platform, Med-Pay, MOSERS, Cafeteria Plan, CARO, CURP, Health Risk Appraisal, Shared Leave Pool)
  • Onboarding (Background Check Provider, Employment Verification - HR)
  • Leave Report
PayrollAll payroll systems and reports, including pay stubs, W2, and W2C 
Student Employment
  • Employment Verification
International Services


Questions and Concerns

To have systems added to the list for assessment, please contact Amie Squibb, Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator.

Questions and concerns about individual systems may be directed to the Office of the Registrar (Students) or the Office of Human Resources (Employees).


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