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To use BDMS with Admin Banner, you may need to sync your Banner and BDMS passwords. 

Step-by-step guide

Sync Password with Banner

If you have recently used BDM from INB, you most likely will not need to take additional steps to use BDM with Admin Banner.  If you change your database password that is used to login to Admin Banner (and currently INB), you will be required to synchronize your database password with BDM.  Currently, the only way to synchronize with BDM is using INB.  (This will be resolved in a future upgrade.)

If you encounter an error when accessing BDM from Admin Banner, follow these steps: 

  1. Sync your database password with BDM using the instructions on the INB password sync Experts page.
  2. Login to Admin Banner using INB creds
    1. login
    Verify ability to log into Admin Banner in Production and access BDM documents
    your database credentials by accessing the link in My Missouri State on the Work Resources tab.
  3. Verify that you can access BDM 
    1. Navigate to a page in Admin Banner that uses BDM
    2. In the Tools menu, look for the section titled Banner Document Management and select Retrieve Documents (or use Alt-R).

If after following the steps above and you are still unable to log into login to BDM from Admin Banner,

Clear Browser Cache

try the following:

  1. Clear the cache in your browser.  See this documents for instructions specific to each browser:  Clear Browser Cache Experts page
  2.  Change Change your DB database password following the instructions belowand go through the synchronization process outlined above.
    1. Change DB database password Experts page

Repeat steps 1-3


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