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Using Structured Reflection to Enhance Learning from ServiceCampus CompactOutlines reflection
Reflection Tool-KitThe American University in CairoDeveloped by the Northwest Service Academy in Portland, OR; Outlines the What, So What, Now What Technique and provides examples based on the amount of time they take
VariousCenter for Civic ReflectionNational organization specializing in reflection and dialogue
VariousBonner FoundationSearch “reflection” and you will get a plethora of examples.
Reflection PromptsDavidson CollegeResources to Use for Prompts
Student ReflectionTowson UniversityExamples of Basic reflection prompts
Bradley's Criteria for Assessing Levels of ReflectionTowson University Rating scale for Reflection
VALUE RubricsAAC&URubrics that you may want to use to rate reflections
Faculty Planning ResourcesDuke University Service-LearningDuke has some great resources on critical reflection
Tools for Critical AnalysisSonoma State University Center for Community EngagementActivities for reflection and critical analysis
Reflection in Service-Learning ClassesUniversity of Minnesota Community Service-Learning CenterProvides some resources on reflection including the four C's of reflection (Eyler and Giles0
A Model for Evaluating Student Learning in Academically Based ServiceConnecting Cognition and Action: Evaluation of Student Performance in Service-Learning CoursesProvides a model of how to assess reflections
ReflectionThe Ohio State University Service Learning InitiativeSummarizes the 4 C's of Reflection, Bradley's model of assessing reflection, and includes examples and other resources
Essential Guide to ReflectionCalCorps Public Service Center (UC Berkeley)Comprehensive reflection manual with overview, examples, and techniques
Creating Your Reflection MapNew Directions for Higher Education, no. 114, Summer 2001Provides a tool for planning reflection
DEAL ModelPHC VenturesProvides an explanation of the DEAL Model and rubrics for assessment
Service-Learning Reflection ActivitiesWartburg CollegeExamples of reflection activities compiled by Professor Diane Sloan (Miami Dade Community College) and based on the work of Julie Hatcher and Robert Bringle
Reflection ActivitiesInver Hills Community CollegeExamples of reflection activities
Service-Learning Reflection Activities by Type and LengthHandsOn NetworkCharts various reflection activities according to type and length